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  1. Hi, Yes been through all this with your Australian Support people as well. Nothing seems to be helping. Might be time to ditch Kaspersky very soon. It does work 80% of the time but its still letting through stuff it should not.
  2. Hello, I am using Kaspersky on my Exchange server with an up to date antivirus database but over the past 6-8 months it's been really poor at detecting viruses coming through. Seems as though my desktop fleet running Kaspersky pickup on the virus attachments, but the Exchange server doesn't detect them. What can be done to fix this? Getting a lot of infected .EXE programs in ZIP files coming through on attachments.
  3. So Windows 8.1 Pro was not supported until now. So this is the same version that was released without 8.1 Pro support? but now it all of a sudden is supported? Please clarify this confusion, from what you are saying, the version I have ( that didn't support 8.1 pro does now support it ?
  4. After all this time waiting for this MR1 release to come out, being postponed many times etc, now to find 8.1 PRO is not supported is a complete joke. I wonder how many business customers Kaspersky has left, everyone I know has moved away from them and that's about 20 companies. I'm about to pull a lot of business as well if they do not release support for the PRO 8.1 version within the coming 4 weeks. Kaspersky you better get off your butts and do something about this, it is seriously NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  5. What an absolute joke, why are you not supporting 8.1 Pro as of yet. Will this still be another 12 months away??? Kaspersky you are about to loose a lot more customers, no one is impressed.
  6. Strangely enough, I have been experiencing this issue myself for a few weeks now as well. Very interested to see how you go as to what the fix is.
  7. Can you give an update for this, it has been delayed for long enough and your customers are starting to get a little bit beyond frustrated over it.
  8. Thanks for getting a fix for this, can you please send me a patch as well. Thank you
  9. Interesting to see others complain about this same issue. We purchased a 2 year licence for our company, and have been experiencing the same issues, slow boot up speeds, intermittent lockups, and general performance issues throughout the course of the day, especially on our systems that use CAD... Have had a few people with issues trying to SAVE their word and cad files where it fails the first time, but second time it's fine. I have found most of the performance and lockup issues somewhat went away and saving issue was resolved by removing the Encryption module from the package and re-deploying the package to all systems, but the speed issue on boot up and occasional lockup is still apparent, but not as bad. We had a brand new IBM - freshly built with nothing on it except for Office, it was very quick until I loaded KES10+Agent onto it, then went down hill, lockups, crashing, very slow to boot up... But now just slow to boot up e.g. 10+ mins to get into Windows and open Outlook... I have raised MANY support tickets over the last 3 months, but no one is able to give a resolution to the problem. The support team in Australia are very helpful with the other bugs we've encountered, provided workarounds until the big fix is out at the end of this month?? but this performance issue has them stumped I think. Hopefully with this thread, they will look harder at the issue, as I'm getting to the point where i'm about to start looking at alternative anti-virus solutions.
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