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  1. I use, at my customers, tasks to run overnight (like Windows Update, Virus Scan etc.). So I use wake on lan and automatic shutdown when the task completes. The only problem is, sometimes, with some workstation, for a number of differente reasons, the wake on lan does not occur. The result is, when the user arrives in the morning, he/she turns the computer on and, so, the task begins. As soon as the task ends, it shuts down the computer, without asking or saving any open work. You can figure out how mad the users get. Well, in some tasks (like Windows Update), if there is the need to reboot, we can also set for automatic reboot, but we are able no send a notification to the logged in user, granting him/her rights to postpone or cancel the rebooting. My suggestions, then, is to have similar stuff for automatic shutdown after the task. A custom messages and ability to enable or not the user to postpone and/or cancel the shutdown. It would be really appreciated by us and our customers. Hope this would be helpful for many others. Thanks helviojr
  2. Until we get anything from Kaspersky, we could "solve" the issue with the following workarround. As well stated before, if you run a Full Scan on the computer's task, the flag get cleared. But the full scan takes too much (time, resource). So we can edit the Full Scan properties and change the scope to the recomended one, as posted before: - System Memory - Startup Objects - Disk boot sectors - %systemroot%/ (no subdirs) - %systemroot%/system/ (no subdirs) - %systemroot%/system32/ (no subdirs) - %systemroot%/system32/drivers/ (no subdirs) - %systemroot%/syswow64/ (no subdirs) - %systemroot%/syswow64/drivers/ (no subdirs) Then, we change also the schedule of the task (it could be, for example, everyday, at noon, as it is really quick). The problem is that this must be done on every computer, as I could not find a way to get this task by group (all tries resulted in no sucess at all). Other problem: I could not rename the task to something as 'Critical areas daily scan', so nobody reading the logs would think a real full backup was made. The task got renamed to 'Full scan' again. So, not a perfect solution, but we can get rid of red computers, so administration can be done again. And wait for the correct solution.
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