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  1. - "Not scanned for a long time" status problem - Admin server tasks failing to run on schedule - Self-defense blocks all remote access, despite exclusions being added - Plugins to administrate KAV for Exchange from within KSC - Even if plugins aren't developed, please allow KSC to download Exchange Anti-Spam definitions so they can be placed into the shared folder. We would rather not open up firewall for multiple machines to connect to Kaspersky update servers.
  2. ...and when will this be released, if at all? Did you read the post immediately before yours?
  3. this didn't work for me in KES8 or KES10, when using dameware mini remote control. the solution (for us) was to disable self-defense. not ideal, we know, but just another in the long list of problems we've had with kaspersky.
  4. interesting. computers are green when they are first added to management... but scans do not register as scans. so if you go through this process, they are likely to turn red again after some amount of time (whatever the "not scanned in a long time" threshold is). yet even if this is true, keep us updated on what happens after a few days. thanks.
  5. we tried this with the same result. ended up just continuing to push software via GP. probably looking at something like MS SCCM soon. kaspersky's software deployment seems to be similar to the rest of their products at this time... i.e. incomplete, unstable, probably more trouble than it's worth, etc.
  6. so the patch to resolve this issue is best applied as uninstall -> reboot -> reinstall? that is ridiculous... it's no different than the current workaround. i thought the patches were supposed to solve the issue? the most important thing here is that the users' productivity is impacted by multiple reboots.
  7. Right, accomplishes the same thing. I went with registry restore because 1) it's obviously some kind of driver issue, and 2) the system had no restore points
  8. Thank you for this breakdown. Unfortunately, one of the machines on which this problem appeared has no PS/2 ports... so I had no way of controlling the machine in person (or remotely, due to no network connection) after Windows had started up. This is why I ended up booting into recovery mode and copying %windir%\system32\config\regback into its parent folder. Seemed to have done the trick. But this is obviously a less desirable solution, since the registry backup can be a month old or more.
  9. It's not just in safe mode. I ran KAVremover in a normal boot environment when this happened. I had never seen it before last Friday, and then it happened on 3 machines at once while I was trying to "upgrade" to KES10. Would you mind breaking down the USB/LAN GUID solution in more detail? This way, if it happens again, I won't have to restore the entire registry from backup. Thanks in advance. I did not create a case. The turnaround time after creating a case in CompanyAccount is massive, and the wait time when calling in is massive, despite our purchase of Gold Support.
  10. This happened to me as well on a few systems that had no restore points set up. The only solution was to restore backup registry hives from %windir%\system32\config\regback. This is really an unbelievable issue, kind of ridiculous that the KAVremover tool (which is supposed to *solve* problems created by Kaspersky), makes workstations completely unusable.
  11. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=1988360 "will fix after february", according to kaspersky admin. great.....
  12. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=1988360 "will fix after february", according to kaspersky admin. great..... we're seeing the same issue.
  13. this is happening in my organization as well. nor do the other admin server scheduled tasks start on their own - not the report delivery, not the backup of admin server data. they go through successfully when i run them manually, but that is quite burdensome to do every day, or multiple times a day.
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