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  1. Thank you Prius. That is what I have done and I now get a brown browser surround instead of green. But, no matter, however poor a solution, as you say, it does work. Perhaps Kaspersky will eventually provide a decent solution and allow the the 'trusted application' setting to work properly.
  2. Thank you for your response, but it is not really much help. I should be allowed to use my password manager which allows me to drop a password into a web form. Adding it to Threats and Exclusions has had no effect whatsoever. This is what is wrong! I notice, though it may not be pertinent, that Kaspersky's extension to Firefox is not apparently signed for Firefox 43 yet and gets disabled. If I exclude the brower from Threats and Exclusions then I presume Safe Money is no longer protecting anything. I even tried trusting clip.exe, but that also had no effect
  3. I am using Kaspersky and Safe Money appears to prevent clipboard use to drop a password. Anyone have a solution apart from switching off 'Block capturing screen shots in Protected Browser'. Excluding the browser in Threats and Exclusions also works, but I am not too happy with that.
  4. I am using Safe Money and it would be very useful if it a website could be loaded as a command line from my password program (AccessManager). Is this a possibility and does anyone know how to do it.
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