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  1. Hi, 1 How to configure the trust no. on Anti-dial Panel? (data format?) How it protect us? And how about leave the trust item null?(if null, still protecting PC by PPPoE Dial-up?) 2 If "update application modules'' is unchecked, i.e., kilf,sys 377's employed on Windows XP SP2, When shall we turn it on again? Coz MP1's likely to update its modules in the future.
  2. 1 I set www.microsoft.com/en/us/default.aspx as default IE first homepage, when I click on IE7, the MS page cannot be opened as usual. How and why?
  3. Hi, My Siblings and Wits, 1 After installing KIS 7.0 MP1 from the beginning, on my PC(XP SP2), My IE7 sounds slower than ever before.And My homepage set MS url, which could not be opened with KIS 7.0 MP1. Yet other pages are likely to be opened other than MS homepage. After installing its patch kilf.sys 377, it still can not open MS; but, turn off KIS, the MS homepage appears!? HOW COME?(Very Vital:What should I do? NOW I use the previous version 2 Another Enquiry: KIS7.0 MP1's Parental Control is even better than before, however, it blocks some urls like outpost official forum; add rules on whitelist *url keyword*, the issue vannishes. why?what's KIS's rulesbase for the url? It often inform me with "Heuristics", really malicious or not? thanks
  4. Dear siblings , KIS 7.0+OS XP XP2 1When fixing Internet Connection by clicking 2-little-computer icon's R table's P button, the DNS cache is said to be not able to clean or delete. Is it normal?(with KIS DNS protection mechanism??, if uninstall it, I mean the case that no any AV software, DNS cache fix can normally run?) 2 Why my PC has an auto-start item: AppInit_Dlls:....adialhk.dll? could it be delete from auto-start from PC? and if do so, any affection? thanks
  5. Hi, 1 KIS7.0+Bitdefender 10 free version(on-demand scanner),Okay? 2 also want to know which personal firewall is the best one with KAV7.0 (KAV7.0+ZAP7.0? KAV7.0+OP?...?) 3KIS/KAV7.0 's compatible software lists? Where is the Readme.txt or URL on this information?
  6. Hi, why not hack hackers mal-site actively!?rather than using defination! Is there a way that Kaspersky lab actively killing those malicious virus website,i.e., using any way even hacker's some ways, if available! infected alias: Exploit.Win32.IMG-ANI.x/k, EXP/ANI.Gen,... infected way: iframe-code dynamically inserted spreading from gateway in the same intranet/LAN!(so-called ARP-Trojan) infected source:the same hacker! infected source sites: ~~Sniped~~ infected sites(hacker's sites)'s feature: note that www.onlinedown.net are legal and safe, but malsites are incrementally added a 'S' letter at the end of onlinedown. at present, there are only 2 mal-sites above! pls kill them and protect Kaspersky user, even using non-common ways to hack or kill those 2! those 2 are absolutely 100% mal-hacker-sites! help kill them then no this kind of ANI-attacks! note no 's'letter ending sites are legal sites, that's hackers tips for confusing us and protect him/herself! attacks reason: 1. 100% hackers reason! 2. sell anti-arp software?????(we donot know) SUM-UP:1 IMG-ANI.k Repeatedly attacks intranet/LAN clean PCs; 2 actively attacks PC users,not users occasionally find virus sites!3 repeated infected!4 kill 2 sites, then not need ANi.k definitions.
  7. By no means, you do not see what I mean,yet thank u again. paraphrase: A known malsite[have malware/EXP.HTML/ANI.gen/Iframe-code adding attack/arp attacks by same gateway in intranet/repeatly] how to kill/or close/or not infected by the site? it has been a malsite,not for check yes or not. its attack way is special: auto-attack, arp,gateway package adding iframe-code that redirect a ani.gen/EXP site, that any clean PCs in intranet using same gateway attacked by hacker/or infected PCs once login internet by IE,and this attack is no-fix time! you see what we mean? thanks! should this kind of web attack be a common active web-attack, we do not need help,just do not open them. but this type is passive mode attack and arp-trojan?
  8. Does KAVM run in Nokia N91? NEW only support S60, OS7-8.0? how about N91? OS9.1,S60, or Even N95? thanks!
  9. How to submit a sample of suspition or websites? esp. ARP-attacks MAL-site description iframe-code adding html/xml/sgml....virus- submission descripition. thanks.
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