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  1. Then its probably SQL express. You'd have to install SQL management studio and connect to the db to execute the shrink jobs or sql statements to do it.
  2. SQL Express 2012 (and I think 2008) only has a 10GB data limit Is this the version you have installed? If so, time to migrate to SQL Server. You could properties on the db first to see if there is actually any space left and try and shrink if so.
  3. Hi - How do you do this on the Linux Appliance? I presume you ssh in but what is the procedure after that Regards Nick
  4. Hi - I am trying to install a new key for the next 12 months to 4 protection servers. When deploying the key I am getting an error saying "object not found". The protect servers are v with NA They are all working fine and each Light Agent can see the SVMs Any idea? There is no more information in the logs. I would like to get these new keys installed before they existing key expires. Email notification: Event "Task "Deploy SVM's License Key 2017/2018" completed with error" happened on computer wh-avsvm-ucsesx05 in the domain on 19 October 2017 11:54:18 (GMT+00:00) Object not found I have deployed updated keys to these SVMs previously but the new key wont work Cheers Nick
  5. The connection was broken before that. I tried to make a change to the policy and it flashed up with red text in the grey space at the bottom saying something about invalid credentials. There are no places to put credentials in there So I deleted it and created a new one and then a flash of green text appeared at the bottom saying the credentials were valid.
  6. This can be closed - Now fixed I recreated all the policies
  7. Hi - I am unable to get the Light Agent on an end point to connect to the SVM. FileAV on the endpoint is reporting NO CONNECTION TO SVM I am using Integration Services The SVM is up and running v3.4.44.7179 ESX v6 Endpoint with NA 10.3.407 VM and appliance is on the same subnet License key has been deployed to the SVM's and db updated Any idea?
  8. Thanks - It was a out of date key I was sent Nick
  9. Hi - I have the following licence "Kaspersky Security for Virtualization, Desktop UK Edition. 50-99 VirtualWorkstation 1 year Base License" for our environment. I have deployed the SVMS (Light Agent v3.4.44.7179) to the hosts. When I deploy the key the SVMs reports "Key Blocked". Also the end point workstations don't activate as they cannot obtain a license. They are v3.4.44.194 KSV v3 Light Agent. Any idea what needs to be done here? Thanks
  10. I can confirm that since 13:46 the Processing Error for *.js files has stopped. The update to the repository would have run at 13:45. Thanks for the update. I can also confirm that argos.co.uk is still producing the error about the file being corrupt. I didnt sent the trace for this one. In regards to the original query this has now been resolved so please close thread Regards Nick
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