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  1. Ah...they do have TH2 so perhaps that is the answer. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a policy in place to block USB Flash Drives on all our Windows 10 machines however it doesn't block them! In the policy I have disabled access to USB devices and also disabled access for everyone to Removable drives. The policy has definitely been applied to the Win 10 machines and I can see the disabled list on the client on a Win 10 machine. When I plug in a Flash drive I can read and write to it! Help!
  3. Okay, that is clear enough. I will experiment further. Thanks
  4. Ah, right, that helps! I can see different applications. I presume that the KES 10 one should work fine with all versions of the Network Agent then? (providing it has Patch D, which it says it has)
  5. Weird that you say it is in beta as it is freely available to download from Kaspersky's main site! Anyway, I don't seem to have Network Agent 10.2.575 and if I click on "View current version of Kaspersky Lab applications" in KSC it doesn't show so first question is how do I get this newer version into KSC? You said "Are you creating a policy of the same version as KES?" but how do I know if I am? All I have is a link that says "Create Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows policy" Thanks for any help or insight you can offer a dumbo like me!
  6. I've just upgraded to KSC10 Version: 10.2.575 and made a new installation package of KES and KSC Net Agent 10.2.434. I've installed this package onto a Win 10 PC and it installed fine, however, when I create a new policy in KSC it is being ignored by the new system. What am I doing wrong?
  7. We are licensed for Kaspersky Total Security for Business
  8. Hi, We have a server on our network that is running SBS2008. We are using KSC10 to control all our systems. The SBS2008 is primarily used for exchange and files by one of our branch offices. Which version should I install on it to give us maximum protection? (both the machine and exchange stuff) Thanks
  9. We have machines doing this all the time with KES10 and KSC10.
  10. Well, we have one of these new licenses and neither the master key or the specific key file for security center makes any difference, it still comes up with this error.
  11. I have this too, so any help anyone can give would be gratefully received!
  12. Has this worked for you? I have just had this problem and followed that support article. The key KLSRV_WUS_CAB_WSUSREDIR didn't exist so I created it. I initially missed the final "." off the parameter value string and the task ran for 2% and failed. After adding the final "." I am back at the error message of the original poster.
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