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  1. after i added the following /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 to setup.exe shortcut's target path , a message came up saying that the path was not valid . I checked it 2-3 times . Any ideas ?
  2. Hi Richbuff , i did as you instructed , but it's still won't let me install KIS2010 . After i download the program , i right click it to run it with administrator privileges . (i have Vista Home Premium) It starts and i click to agree to terms . It them proceeds with the installation . it gets to the part where it's registering drivers and then flickers a few times and starts rolling back the installation . Then a message comes up which say Installation has been interrupted due to a error . doesn't say anything about what the error is or whats causing it . I was previously using AVAST Free Antivirus 5 & MBAM & Secunia PSI & Online armor Firewall free . As far as i can tell i have removed all remnants of these programs . Thanks for all your help in this matter . JOEY
  3. I did as you instructed , but when i went to rename the infcache.1 to infcache_old.1 , the computer said access denied and would not let me change it .Any more ideas ? Thanks JOEY
  4. Hi RICHBUFF , I did as you instructed with the removal tool and command prompt , but i still can't install KIS2010. It gets halfway thru the installation and then starts rolling back the action and then says installation was interrupted due to a error . I have upload a new GSI report . here is the link http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d6dacd&ms=0 Also i don't have a activation code as i was trying to download a free 30day trial . Thanks for any help . regards JOEY
  5. Hi Ray , Did as you instructed . Here is the link to the GSI Report . http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...05efc2&ms=0 Thanks for any help you can provide . regards JOEY
  6. Hi Guys, Earlier today i tried to install a trial version of KIS2010 but it failed due to a undisclosed error . I am currently using Avast Free Anti Virus 5 MBAM (free) Online Armor Firewall Free Secunia PSI I removed all of these prior to downloading and trying to install KIS2010 . Also used CCleaner & WinASo to remove all traces of Avast, MBAM , Online Armor & Secunia PSI . Even used the Avast removal tool posted by Don Pelotas on Kaspersky's Forum . After removing everything i even ran a Getsysteminfo scan to see if there were any traces left or incompatible programs , everything shoed clen , but i am still unable to install KIS2010. Can anyone provide some help ? Thanks JOEY
  7. Hi , My computer is set to check for Windows updates every morning at 9am . Can also do a manual check (which i just did ) . Only (2) optional updates showed up Microsoft Silverlight & Windows Live Essentials . Any other idea's ! Thanks JOEY
  8. Hi Rudger , Sorry about the link . Here is a correct one . http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...3947ba&ms=0 Still showing FIREWALLAPI.dll as suspicious in the report . Windows firewall is turned off and services disabled . Also did a HIJACKTHIS scan and some items look suspicious . Where can i post a logfile of HIJACKTHIS and get someone more knowledgeable than me to look at it . Thanks for any help . regards JOEY
  9. Hi Guys , I have posted a new GSI report Can someone take a look ? Says FirewallAPI.dll is a suspicious program ? Thanks JOEY
  10. Hi Guys , Thanks for all the help & info . I have uploaded another getsysteminfo report . here is a link to it http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e477fe&ms=0 Thanks JOEY
  11. Hi Rudger , Wife told me we don't have to leave for about another hour so i have since gone in made sure that windows defender is disabled & also stopped in the startup section . Have also removed Superantispyware . Any idea of how to remove the eset errors ? regards Joseph
  12. Hi Rudger , Thanks for the help and advice . Getting ready to go out to eat now , but i will give it a try later this evening and let you know how it turn's out . Thanks Joseph
  13. Hi , Here is the link to the report http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...96ad3e&ms=0 Thanks for any help . regards Joseph
  14. Hi Guys, I have been a loyal Kaspersky user since KIS 6 & have never had any real problems until now .Not sure whats going on but have been having some errors showing up in my Performance Files Event Log Viewer . It's seems they only show up during startup or shutdown of the computer. Also i've seen mention a few times of AVP hanging and keeping the computer from shutting down (or starting up)in a normal time span . My computer details are : Dell E521 Desktop Windows Vista Home premium 160Gb Harddrive 2Gb RAM KIS superantispyware (free) on demand only Ccleaner (only used to clear private data) WinASO Windows Advanced System Optimizer (only used for disk defrag and unistalling remnants of unistalled programs) Windows Defender (turned off , to prevent conflicts with KIS) Thanks for any help in this matter . I can post a getsysteminfo log if needed . Thanks JOEY
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