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  1. I have this same issue, will try this fix tonight unless K labs has corrected it already?
  2. Would activation code for KTS work with KIS, if not what is the difference on a PC? Which is better on a PC?
  3. Would activation code for KTS work with KIS, if not what is the difference on a PC? Which is better on a PC?
  4. I had found that KIS 2012 was the smoothest and most bug free version I have used, I have been using these products since version 5. Liked it better than 2013 or 2014, but all good things come to an end. :bravo:
  5. Thanks Don, I dont understand why they do that?, I really like 2012, I find it faster then 2013 or 2014 on an old machine.
  6. Can you activate the 2012 version with a 2014 code? Support tells me no?
  7. Is windows 8 supported on KIS 2012?, recently 2013 slows some things down and I always found 2012 very good, I still use it with windows 7 machines. Tried to uninstall, clean up and then re install 2013 but same thing happens.
  8. Go with 2012, you will find it very fast. For me it was the best version ever.
  9. Have to say this is the best version of KIS I ever tried, very impressive. :bravo:
  10. Some systems like mine just cant work well with 400 but work real well with 556. As Don and others from KL in the know have stated a few times, if you can get 556 to install and update with no issues it is fine to use. Many of us have. See this post: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=1515189 It would be nice if KL would come out with an official statement and it would be posted here.
  11. Its really odd that 556 is still not available. Because of how bad 400 was on my desktop I have been using 556 since it was a beta RC and it is great. On the other hand 400 was the worst KIS build I ever used on my older system. To be fair it worked fine on my new laptop. Every day you can see new posts about issues with 400, mostly high cpu problem. Im sure they have reasons but this has to be hurting them. I have been very impressed with 556, best KIS build ever by far.
  12. HI Don, Ive been getting high CPU usage and I wanted to know how can I change to a standard HOSTS file. I was using the dowloaded one for some time and hope this might be my issue???
  13. Patch B was released yesterday. I did the remove, clean and install last night, we will see in a few days if this solved my problems.
  14. Ive done this several times since 400 was released, it does solve the problem but only for a few days. Funny thing is we run 400 with no issues on 2 laptops in my house.
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