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  1. Hello to all. Recently discovered rescue 18 since i am so happy working with rescue till now scanning all my windows xp, 7 and 10 for me and friends. Working now, on Kaspersky Rescue Disk with databases stamp 201812011857 1. I can not find Update databases button.??? 2.Manual update, custom update from folder??? (in version 10 was using KLU updater or Kaspersky Updater 2014 to keep a copy of databases... no need for continuously update app.as also this saves bandwidth in kaspersky update servers) 3.Custom settings missing, lots from old Rescue 10 such as Heuristic scans, do not scan big archives etc... I am happy and welcome on rescue 2018.. was needed for newer systems. Manual update is a must and its difficult to download new ISO every month. 4.Can you add rescue 10 in 2018 ISO? mean two security solutions. thank you. keep on good work.
  2. There is no cure for this... no disinfection. Just delete any file or archive related to these files. user 2 user.
  3. as a user... i dont understand where is your copy....even moving... your files must be in a destination...somewhere....???? did you check that the process finished with success??? i use KRD many times for backup... even from damaged disk...never had problems.... i quess since you reboot something is overwritten.... do a normal scan file... maybe it alrerady exists in another folder or partition... i prefer copy than cut...in critical situations.... take care!!!
  4. the easy and fast solution...as a user to user.... burn that iso.... or use the utility to usb.... check if works..... and then try to see whats wrong with YUMI multi........... why to bother??? i have dedicated my old 2gb stick for this... no need for such big stick... why to bother your self? friendly!!
  5. as a user.... i will suggest to get that utility KLupdater from kaspersky... it will make your life easier. its impossible all users of world, in any virus scan download 180mbs around...from servers. I believe there is a limitation for all users. So use the utility and make manual update first from your local storage and then online.... Cheers!!!
  6. Agree with that. Bios memory alocation and some extra settings in bios. Try and see.... user to user... since there are som many different bios configs... you have to manage yourself....
  7. My private solution on this is to get in graphic mode..or text mode. and copy the entire Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0 folder to the partition you want to work and update. Dont forget to erase the old location folder. Reboot and i believe everything will be fine. (is better in graphic for rescue prog to be closed) Cheers!!!!
  8. User to user... you have a subject with your bios. There is some research you have to do with that. Memory allocation etc, on board graphics etc. At the moments the quick answer is text mode. KRD is enough.
  9. As a user to user.. suggestion... change your cd rom (or get one from a friend temporary) and never scan a system that didnt shutdown properly. Surely you had seen a message saying before using KRD that your file system is corrupted...and a proposal not to continue. Generaly in these cases we do BEFORE scan with KRD ,use our windows CD, boot from it... ask for repair the system and use scandisk command to fix error. Now that you have this problem the only easy solution... is scadisk your system with your windows CD or dvd.
  10. KRD it always prompts you to disinfect viruses. There is no problem in that. I think your problem is with archives. By default is better to exam the archives in cases the are also some files you may need in them.
  11. It happend to me sometimes troubles with vga,noscreen at all,or windows no reaction in any command. ?Usualy the solution was a simple press on power button. In cases that was taking long time, in laptops is to force it for shutdown by press and holding the power button till you see it shutdown.
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