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  1. My trash bin (spam for emails) in outlook express was carelessly deleted. I have tried to add a folder and named it as before; however, KIS2009 could not provide the same function when KIS filterize the spam emails. [spam] could not be added to the front of the topic, for instance. Please advise how I can recover the trash bin as prev. installed by KIS (with a small red sign). :icon20:
  2. Problem seems solved after I have harddisk check and fix during reboot. Screen shows a lot of unreadable sector and wrongful index. Now KIS6 can update now. Thanks for everybody.
  3. Would tell me how to install and activate KIS7 step by step because I have the activation code for KIS6 on my packing only?
  4. Yes, the klif.sys has been replaced in Safe Mode. I have administrator permission. However, the problem is the same. I have already tried to repair it by using uninstall/install program in the Control Panel. It could not help as well. I intend to retore the system with Ghost Backup or re-install the KIS6. But I am worry about the same problem will happen again because nobody knows the reason why it happens. KIS6 has been running good for few months and it crashes without any change of essential environmental setting. What other suggestion before retore/re-install?
  5. It does not work even if the file "klif.sys" is replaced. What is next?
  6. Is it necessary to disable the self-protection first before going to Safe Mode?
  7. Thank you so much. I have changed it in English. After files updated, Update: error Not enough rights for file operation The second last message is: "Update task completed" in Event Colume but there is nothing in Object Name Colume. The last messages are: "Task completed" in Event and "Not enough rights for file operation" in Object Name. It is a problem on klif.sys?
  8. This should be created last night; however, the server did not response the acceptance of my topic and eventually down. I was thinking of unsuccessful creation of the topic. How can I delete it?
  9. All files are downloaded and installed; but the last message shows they are not working for my insufficient authorization.
  10. I log in as admin account (not in safe mode) because I am the only user. There is no another security application running at the same time. My last update according to KIS records was on 2007/07/14. I have not updated any application thereafter. KIS 6.0 in DVD-pack was bought from a retail shop. The packing is not with me now so that I am not so sure what language is used on it; but I will chk this evening. The activation code is printed on a label attached on behind of the pack. I do not believe it is fake.
  11. KIS 6.0 in Chinese has been used for few months. Update regularly by mannual in accordance with KIS reminder. Everything seems normal during update; KIS chk DNS and then starts download and installation. However, I am told that "it is insufficient authorization to operate" (translated from the Chinese) at the final message line. Maybe, someone may tell how I can change the language of KIS in English or make report in English in order to communicate without misunderstanding. Please help me to verify the problem.
  12. I have used KIS 6.0 (a Chinese version) for a few months already. And update in accordance with the reminder from the KIS 6.0. I receive a message that the update is fail for the reason of insufficient authorization to do update this evening. The Activation Code printed on the package of KIS states for 2 yrs. What's wrong?
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