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  1. I still have patch E and I live in the UK. What I don't seem to understand is why it takes so long to get it? Kaspersky should make it available immediately to everybody worldwide that's what every other security vendor does. Seriously...
  2. CC won't clean Kaspersky AV database and other things. I clean my PC with CC all the time including registry and never had any issue.
  3. That URL is clean according to the Comodo Web Inspector and VT. It's a FP from Kaspersky side. I did submit the request for it as well.
  4. It worked fine for me. And I use the max level of security. You prob have some soft of conflict with Java and KIS.
  5. I'm well aware of that. Sure I'm preaching about layered security for a while. But Prevx will conflict with Kaspersky that's for sure. Sure I agree. I was talking about having only one real-time protection here but you MUST have as many on demand scanners as you can.
  6. Erm... I have 7,422,019 now. And my KIS update every 30 min... How can this be? < Just updated manually now. Confused here. Or it just depends on the country? I live in the UK. What about you? Mods? Any idea?
  7. Hello! No conflict for them all (KIS or between each other). Apart from... Add HitmanPRO and Malwarebytes to the exclusions of the Kaspersky FILE AV as it would take longer to scan. No idea about Prevx. I see no point really since you have KIS. edit: del large quote.
  8. Hello! I downloaded this file: Free Studio (http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/free-dvd-video-software.htm) (Trusted by Kaspersky) When I tried to run it KIS warned me 7 times that this application using 'terminate process' trying to access AVP.exe but KIS blocked them all. Now I never saw such message before. Why would this application try to terminate AVP.exe? Or it's normal when some application is not closed (KIS was closed but it was running in the RAM). Any ideas? Thank you. I use KIS 2013. Win7 64-Bit.
  9. I see no need. KIS will do all the work really very rare will Malwarebytes get involved. Don't pay no need. Use Kaspersky firewall. On top of that running KIS and Malwarebytes PRO will increase your CPU and RAM usage which we don't want. Use free Malwarebytes to scan your PC time to time. See the video here and that's just Kaspersky AV with Malwarebytes PRO:
  10. Hello! I changed my setting in KIS 2013 from "monitor selected ports only" to "monitor all network ports" and now I can't log in into online game called Counter Strike Online. The program itself is trusted. Any ideas? Can I somehow tweak it so I can log in and play? Win7 64-Bit. Thanks. Also this game using internal Steam to log in and the issue is when I try to log in it just freeze. So it blocks the steam or it scans the packets for a very long time at the end of which I give up and exit.
  11. You prob have some conflict with other program... Do you have any other AV? Also did you tweak settings in KIS?
  12. Patch E? It's already out. You mean something else? So that's why I have a slow start up with Kaspersky? But no way I will disable system watcher what about exploit protection or it will still work without it? Also "Compatibility mode - the concede resources to other applications should be unticked, the concede resources at startup is ticked" Erm... The concede resources at startup is ticked? It say: "Automatic application start up will be postponed which will cause reduce security level" Can someone explain this one?
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