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  1. That is an old tutorial. Actual version do not ask anymore about a secret code when you uninstall the app,and this is confirmed by support team. If you have the last version installed you can verify that. Unfortunately this is a deal-braker for me.
  2. Got an answer for my request : "The app features have been revised. Based on customers’ requests analysis the secret code demand is now applies only for Anti-Theft and Privacy Protection components. " I am very sorry but I du not like this in my security app. :nono: A thief will easily uninstall KIS and have access to all my data. I do not understand why someone would want that.
  3. HTC One, 5.0.2. Even if I set KIS4A as device admin , password protected , I can disable it or uninstall the app without being asked about any password. This is not making me feel safe at all. A thief will easily uninstall KIS leaving my phone totaly unprotected. This not the way this app used to work.
  4. Same problem on Android 4.4.2. No anti-phising on Chrome.
  5. What I meant is that on my android phone anti-phising is not workink on Chrome but works ok on Internet. "Browser needed for working with Web Protection:Internet,Chrome" So,is Chrome supported or not?
  6. Tested with Kaspersky Anti-Phising Test Page. No detection with Chrome. On Internet browser pages are detected.
  7. Kaspersky process doesn't restart after being killed by app like Memory Cleaner. After using that protection is gone.
  8. Just installed but cannot activate trial and premium features as trial has been installed before. I think this should be allowed for beta testing.
  9. I had some problems getting 232 but all was resolved following your instructions from "Preparation of MR4 CF2 testing". It was something about registering as a beta tester on google play.
  10. I would like to see a "privacy advisor" in KISA , because IMHO adware and PUP detection is very poor in present.
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