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  1. Found my answer. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...s+admin+kit.msc
  2. I tried to rename CS Admin Kit.msc and reinstall the admin kit, but still get the same error.
  3. Ok, I tried to open my admin console this morning and got this lovely little gem of a message. I'm going to do some tinkering with it this morning, but I thought I'd post and see if anyone had any suggestions?
  4. Well, I own 200 licences to the kav6workstation and I have the free server lisences that it came with, but they those won't cover the Enterprise product. I eneded up using the kavremover9.exe program to take it off from safe mode on the server. Now I'll have to try to get my boss to let me buy more software, joy.
  5. I thought that might be the case. I just hope my lisence key works on this.
  6. The Kaspersky Lab Driver service failed to start due to the following error: This driver has been blocked from loading I get this in my event log on my 2008 server 64-bit. I am using KAV 6.0 for file servers version Should I be using something else? Also found this one: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\klif.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver. And this one: Application popup: : \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\klif.sys failed to load
  7. That tool says that my application is not detected.
  8. Still no help with this problem? Does anyone know how to completely remove KAV so that I can reinstall? Already did add/remove programs on it and there is still something there. Service is gone from my service list.
  9. I had the same problem today. Reinstalled the client and it worked like a charm.
  10. Also noticed when I tried to install a free av for some protection till this started working that it said I already had an AV isntalled. So, I think there is a part of KAV still on this computer. Is there a tool to remove all of KAV like Symantec's nonav.exe?
  11. Ok, trying to recover my network from last weeks update bug. I have a Vista workstation that would not apply the patch so I did an add/remove programs and took KAV off and tried to reinstall it and I get the error message that I have attatched. This is version Can anyone give me any help with this?
  12. Version for KAV and windows is updated. I also removed Java when I removed Vundo, then reinstalled the latest version of that.
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