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  1. Hmm, we have KES10 SP1 MR1 deployed normally through KSC10 but the beta doesn't say I am under a policy.
  2. Hi, I am trying to disable the BadUSB-protection and is prompted to enter a user name and password. What is this user name and password? The text mentions KLAdmin as username but whats the password for that account (and what kind of account is it actually referring to)?
  3. I've added another similar case where the "Suspend scheduled scanning when the screensaver is off and the computer is unlocked"-setting does not work when using the computer over RDP. We have loads of users connecting to their local stationary computers remotely over RDP and we got a lot of complaints lately about scans running with the result of sluggish computers. I guess this is because the computers appear as locked and they also show the screensaver on the local screen even when someone is using it over RDP. We've also noticed that somewhere quite recently when upgrading KSC all our scan-tasks lost this setting (it got unchecked) so we had to re-set it.
  4. Hi, we are noticing the same thing on some of our clients. The policy disappears and the client goes into standalone mode a while after installation. We've reinstalled both KES10SP1 ( and the Network agent 10.2.434 patch B but still no go. OS is Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Swedish.
  5. I am looking forward to an official release of KES10 that supports W10 Before mid august otherwise we will change this software to something else. Last time you held us for over a year until official support for W8.1 Pro. That timeframe is not acceptable and we will not hold out for you again this time. W10 was released to the public and all OEM-installed computers yesterday and the update process has already begun. You had the time to test and develop this for over 6 months now and the last W10 RC is the basically the RTM. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 http://www.av-comparatives.org/windows-10-approved-products/
  6. Hi, could we get in English as well. We have the same issues on laptops with SP1 (MR1). Incorrect function reported when trying to sync offline folders (in our case redirected Documents and Desktop-folders).
  7. Thanks! You don't think it would be wise to put this information in relation to the 434-update directly? Or maybe just patch the latest KSC-updater/installer that is on your website?
  8. Same issue here, INC000004514646 I cannot really understand why you dont release these patches publically? Both the WSEE-fix, KSC DB error and now this as well. I think you need to invest a lot more time in QA, seriously...
  9. Are you saying that you dont support 8.1 PRO? I seriously hope that its a mistype? :dash1:
  10. Is there a current "fixed issues" list somewhere? So we can check if our issues are being worked on or not?
  11. Ivan, might I suggest something for your support here. People have serious issues sending in and creating cases in the support portal, mostly because it is incredibly time consuming. Both with a slow portal, bugs in the java applet handling in the KES10 client and a timeconsuming repetitive task when you have lots of issues. Why dont you simply create a debug/support mode in the software where you automate and integrate the whole case creation and submit process? You are a big company and this is a just small piece of code that would in the long run return happier customers.
  12. Should this be read as in that you are rescheduling the whole MR1 to December just because of the 8.1 release? Is that an official KL statement?
  13. Exactly our history too. Switched from SEP and have been running 6.0 for a long time working perfectly fine. We are still keeping our customers on KAV6 because of all the issues with KES10 (slowdowns, Java errors, lockups etc). I cant see any patches released at all? Our problems stays the same as on the first install a couple of months ago. Zero progress, not good
  14. In our case it was the System watcher and more specifically disabling of the "Enable exploit prevention" that did the trick. Every application we started took about 10-15s to launch, now everything works smoothly. FYI we also have Vulnerability monitor and the Outlook-plugin disabled because of frequent AVP.exe-process hangs (high cpu load). Sick of sending cases and dumps to the support because nothing ever happens.
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