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  1. The problem was solved for a minute. When I deactivated the addon in Chrome everything was working well. After 5 years I FINALLY GOT RID OF KPM. I would have done this earlier but there was not an export option. It took me 2 hours to copy-paste but now I am glad that this is permanently uninstalled from my PC THERE FAR MORE BETTER PASSWORD MANAGERS OUT THERE WITH MORE OPTIONS AND FUNCTIONS. A TOTAL FAILURE OF KASPERSKY
  2. I had the same problem. I uninstalled the add on from Chrome and tried to install it through the crome webpage. It seems that the installation of the addon through the KPM gives a bug.
  3. Install PWM 7.0. Everything works fine with it. Your license will work without problems.
  4. Propably you are talking about KTS 2015 as there is no Pure 5.0. Do not install Password Manager 8 as the autofill has several problems. Download PWM 7.0 and everything will work fine, independently of Firefox version
  5. There is absolutely none compability problem with KTS15 The PWM license will work perfect also with version 7. Only thing is that at the PWM Tab of KTS it will show not installed, which it doesnt make any difference to me as long as the PWM functionality is perfect with version 7.
  6. I downgraded to PWM 7 end everything works fine.
  7. I had serious problem with firefox which need a lot of time to load a page. I even installed chrome (I never used it in the past) just to try wether firefox was causing a bug in my PC When I used Firefox safe mode evrthing worked OK so I thought that an add-on was causing th problem but I never expected that this would be the password manager. Also Chrome was sluggish I installed version PWM 7 and now everthing works fine. It also got synchronized right away while version 8 had a questionmark always enabled. The only problem is that now KTS show Password manager as uninstalled while the licenses are all activated. Also autofill is working great. I guess a lot of work is needed for the latest version.
  8. Same problem here with latest Chrome. The autofill does not work and even the account does not appear when I press the key button, although it is available in the database. This is not happening to all pages but I cannot understand the reason. The same thing is happening to firefox also.
  9. I agree. In aprevious post I said that it worked better than the initial 8 release but after a few days I realized the problems. In a page with several personal accounts I cannot choose which account to use as the icon in mozilla does not show any name options. I have to use copy paste method.
  10. It is a lot more stable and faster. I am facing a problem with autologin. Name and password are autofilled but keep resetting. (blank and autofilled again without logging in). In certain cases i get logged in but the page resets and I keep relloging..... If I deactivate the autologging for the specific pages everything works OK. Also the app should give the option to deactivate the autologing function for all the accounts at once. It is no practical to change one account at a time.
  11. Same problem here with password manager. Went back to Pure 3. Can someone confirm that Pure 3 has compatible password add-on for Firefox 34 because in my case I have 34 and everything works fine!!!! The PWM is 100% compatible with 34!!! Was there an announcement for a recent update??
  12. This in not my case. I have an official Pure 3.0 Licnese. I updated with KIS 2015 with both methods (over pure and clean install) and the Password Manager didn't work correctly. In several accounts the data were not filled automatically and they were not shown in the password menu on the key-buttom of mozilla. I could see all my passwords on the manager but I had to use a copy-paste method. Now I am back to Pure 3 where everything works perfect. Also mozilla in certain pages became really sluggish (like IMDB). After I uninstalled the PM everything became normal. In the beginning I though that the problem was related to anti-banner or a blocking proccess but it something to do with PM. I will expect an improved version which in my opinion is necessery to come.
  13. The Kaspersky notification "K" is not shown with the new update for Android 4.1.2. even if it is enabled at the options. Any idea about it?
  14. Unfortunately the new functions were all removed. It was like never been updated. Hope KAspersky will release a new functional and updated version soon.
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