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  1. Probably will piss some diehard kaspersky people off but i don't care. I called kaspersky technical support today for help and explained my situation. My problem was I could not reinstall my KIS 2010. Somehow my database got corrupted and I used the repair feature that did not work. This problem happened to 3 separate computers on 3 different days. I was able to fix one computer and the laptop has no security at this time. I uninstalled and tried to reinstall with no success. Hence the phone call and after explaining my issue I was told I would get an email with help for my problem. DID NOT EVER GET AN EMAIL. Took me all day and I finally got my issue fixed with no help from Kaspersky. I am disabled and every dollar counts. The fact I gave Kaspersky $60 the last 3 years in a row you would think they could at least help you the FIRST TIME you call them. :angry:
  2. Hello to all. I have been reading this forum looking for KMS discount for my new smartphone. I have had KIS for a couple of years now and understood there was a 30% discount on other Kaspersky products. On this forum I read that you have to send purchase info from one product to onlinesales@kaspersky.com to get the discount on the other product. I have emailed them 2-3 times for a few weeks with no response. Can SOMEONE steer me in the right direction PLEASE.
  3. I did some troubleshooting and think I fixed the problem. My Adobe Reader had a glitch in it. After updating the problem seems solved for now.
  4. I may have done it incorrectly. I am somewhat novice to this stuff, but I'm learning. I need a little more detailed instruction.
  5. I did the update and it said the update files were corrupt. I rebooted anyway and did another update. Same outcome. I set it back to original setting.
  6. I did as requested and when I did the update it said the update files are corrupted.
  7. Sorry for the delay. Here is a screenshot since it popped up again today. Again it was the same remote port, but a different local port. [attachmentid=33016][
  8. I had this same popup this morning. I did as stated above and it kept popping back up. The remote port was the same, but the local port changed. I really want to resolve this. It is annoying.
  9. I'm not sure if it is the same port. I will give your suggestion a try when it pops up again. Thanks Lucian
  10. Hi all. I now this will probably be something simple for all you smart people here. I keep getting this popup from KIS 7 Firewall and don't know what to do with it. I clicked ALLOW and it pops right back up. I clicked Block it pops back up. Here is a screenshot of the popup. [attachmentid=32944]
  11. I am new to Kaspersky and love it so far. I bought KIS 6 and used key to download KIS Works fine so far. I'll be glad for an official release soon.
  12. Looks kinda like stealing a car and then carrying the car to a dealearship for warranty repairs. Got what you deserved.
  13. I really like this forum. It is very informative and was a big selling point for me. I can be patient for the improvements.
  14. I am just curious about some of my unsuccessful attempts to get connected to this forum. I click the user forum button on KIS7 and most times it goes right to the forum. Some of the time it never connects. I suspect the forum is so popular it is just busy. Can someone give me some insight to this.
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