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  1. Hi all After installing KIS14 I turned on anti-banner (along with e.g. updating and rebooting after installation and setting up the use of a password). Since then however KIS14 keeps freezing after selecting anti-banner. Specifically, I select anti-banner: but whenever I do so I get the next box asking me for the password (which is fair enough) but notice that KIS14 stops responding: Clicking the close box just throws up a windows box telling me kis is not reponding etc and using windows task manager has no effect either. The only way I can get out of the problem is to reboot. Any ideas what's going on? cheers PS it's not that i'm in antibanner every five minutes trying to turn it on/off, I just noticed this problem when checking settings but the same thing happens every time.
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply rudger but I am somewhat confused. the text below the check box and wording says that automatic startup will be postponed which may affect the security level of your pc. This seems to suggest that having the box checked may reduce the security level whereas having it unchecked will increase the relative security level - that's why I unchecked it. However, your saying unchecking it should have minimal complications suggests it doesn't matter either way - so in short I'm not sure if I should ideally have it checked or unchecked. GSI for post above: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...27c793c43f6c2d5 (I know geardrvs is there but I've done all I can to remove it e.g run the norton removal tool, used windows search, yet it's still listed in the GSI report) edit: fix broken quote.
  3. Hi Just installed KIS14 and have a couple of broad questions. First, I have Auto run checked so KIS14 runs at PC's startup, as in the screen shot: Once the PC's started the red/black KIS icon appears on the windows task bar. I have the internet connection disabled and just enable the internet connection whenever I want to access the internet then disable it again when finished. This means that the internet connection is disabled at shutdown and restart. Once the PC has started and the Kasp icon has appeared, I assumed that kis14 was loaded/started, as was e.g. kis12/13 in the same circumstances, especially considering autorun is checked. However, heres the problem. I can use the PC for some time (e.g. with internet disabled) but when I click the kis red/black icon it is at that point that kis14 seems to load/start. This seems to be so because when clicking the red/black icon I get the box as appears in this sceenshot: Therefore, this seems to lead to questions such as was kis14 actaully loaded at startup, if i hadn't have clicked the icon to load kis would my pc have been protected when accessing the internet, would kis load itself when I access the internet without me having to click the red/black icon, if it doesn't how can i make sure kis is fully loaded at startup? Second, regarding the setting 'concede resources to operating system...' as in the screenshot below: After installing KIS14 this box was checked. If I'm understanding the wording correctly this minimises protection over having the box unchecked, therefore, it is safer to have this box unchecked - is this correct? If it is then why have it checked by default? cheers PS forgot the GSI report so will post it below.
  4. Thanks MM for the HTH clarification - yes it did help. Regarding signing up for the email updates, I have used KIS for the last couple of years now and altough I've signed up for the emails, to my recollection I have never received one - not even one. I seem to recall others having similar problems also, advised through forum postings; however, that's another story. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I'm not up on abbreviations though and have no idea what HTH means. Regards
  6. Hi When KIS14 becomes available in the UK will we be informed on this forum or is there somewhere we should specifically be looking? Cheers.
  7. I have the idea that people may be keen to install KIS14 promptly upon its release. However, I ask if this is a good idea. I recall when KIS13 was released, there were all sorts of problems, which is understandable given the variety of programs on a multitude of PC's with which KIS has to interact. Therefore, woud it be advisable to wait for some time e.g. till the end of the year, before installing KIS14, to allow various probable issues to be ironed out? Waiting may be counterproductive of course because if people waited then issues may not arise until sufficient numbers install KIS14 which may then throw up problems which waiting would delay. Therefore, I wondered what other users thought about installing upon release or not.
  8. Aha Don P, your reply seems analogous to that of magicians who rely on the element of misdirection in their tricks/illusions. Your reply both neatly accentuates a positive of KMS (that it e.g. protects data) (thereby hopefully promoting sales), while at the same time directs away from 'a' flaw with KMS, namely that allowing the phone to be reset without input of the secret code seems to completely negate the point of having e.g. the lock and locate feature. The lock and locate feature appears as an impressive selling point but is absolutely useless in practice considering a thief can just have the phone reset, especially if they get the phone wiped before the lock and locate function can be activated. You therefore direct to the positive away from the negative; a fair tactic to promote the product I guess. In conclusion, however, KMS seems like politicians: plenty of style but little substance. I am, however, a fan of and will remain a user of KIS.
  9. I am near the end of my free trial of KMS and was considering purchasing the activation code but now am not so sure. I set the secret code number when installing KMS and am now clear that commands to e.g. lock and locate can be sent via SMS or via the antitheft portal. I like the idea that KMS can e.g. lock the phone to stop e.g. thieves from using the phone and/or accessing personal data. However, I did some investigating today and am dissapointed with what I discovered. I went to the little man in the market who unblocks/unlocks etc mobile phones and he said that he could quite easily reset my mobile which basically wipes the phone of all info 'including' KMS, which then enables the thief to just put in their own simm and start from fresh on the mobile. I then went into to a Vodafone shop (as I'm using a Vodafone/Android mobile) and they said yes it's quite easy to do and it effectively resets the phone so it would be like a new phone for the e.g. thief. I find therefore the purpose of KMS pointless with regard to locking the phone. I would have expected KMS to block all attempts to erase it during the reset process and to only allow itself to be erased upon insertion of the secret code. in this regard, any thief could just take the mob to get it reset and they've got a usable phone. In this respect, does this not make KMS pointless?
  10. Well the info you provided seems to clear that up then in that commands can be sent via SMS or the portal. Thanks for your help. Regards PS the protected mobile would probably benefit from a firewall within KMS as well so hopefully one may be integrated in due course.
  11. Thank you for your reply. However, I am confused. Please consider these extracts from the the antitheft website. Re Anti-Theft Web Management - Note! The device must be turned on and the Internet connection must be enabled on it to proceed with the command. This seems to apply to all the antitheft functions. Re Synchronization - The Internet connection must be enabled on your device for commands to be synchronized. Given these seem to indicate the internet connection must be enabled, I'm back to my points that e.g. a thief could just turn off the internet connection and that KMS makes no observable attempt to control a phones enable/disable internet access function, thereby rendering in part the antitheft functions useless. Furthermore, any thoughts about a firewall function? Regards
  12. Installed KMS on my android smartphone yesterday and am wondering about how useful the antitheft feartures are after having now read the material on the antitheft website. the website makes it quite clear that the phone needs to be internet enabled to receive the commands, such as locate device. This seems to be problematic. First, surely it would be better to use the mobile network to send commands, as people may not have the internet connection enabled on thier mob as they may never use the internet or periodically turn the connection off when it's not required. if the mob is stolen while the connection is disabled then the e.g. locate function is useless, therefore, use the mob network not the internet network. Second, anyone who e.g. steals the mob can just turn off of the internet connection themselves. KMS makes no attempt to disable the ability to turn the internet connection on or off. surely it would be more secure if KMS controlled the ability to turn the internet connection on or off by e.g. requiring the secret code to be entered. in the abscence of such control the theif can just turn it off themselves and stop KMS features such as sim watch. therefore, require the secret coded to be inputted for features that can make KSM antitheft features useless. Sorry if I misunderstand the info on the antitheft website. PS I assume KSM would be more useful re security, with a firewal feature for the mob as well.
  13. Hi If you carry out an internet search (as I just did and found too many links to mention), you will see that this trojan seems to be a bit of a nasty little blighter, although by all accounts it can be removed. good luck.
  14. This is probably not a kasp issue of course and may be deleted but you bet the disc can be infected even though it's new. See e.g. http:// www.news.com.au/technology/new-laptops-now-come-with-pre-installed-viruses-spyware/story-e6frfro0-1226473783533 You may be getting a false positive but I would copy the disc to the hard drive then scan and disinfect the copy. However, whatever effect installing and using the cleaned version would have is up to you to determine and possibly have to put up with. I personally would bin the disc. Good luck.
  15. Hi I downloaded the Citrix diagnostic tool. Once downloaded, rather than opening it, I right clicked it and chose 'check reputation in KSN', then ran a virus scan on it. The virus scan detected a trojan (see screenshot). Kis seems to have deleted the download, which is fine by me. However, I want to know what to do with what's in quarantine (see screenshot). If I delete both these entries from quarantine, what does this mean for the download/trojan or the files held safely in quarantine i.e. will deleting it from quarantine put it back on the desktop or on the pc somewhere, or will deleting it from quarantine get rid of it completely? Cheers
  16. Hi I have noticed that in kis13 > tools, either 'microsoft windows troubleshooting' or 'privacy cleaner' causes a problem with an element of windows updates. Specifically, the 'important updates' in the 'windows update > change settings' component, usually allows user choice. However, after running either of the kis13 tools the choice is disabled/removed. You will see in the screenshot that the important updates option is disabled, with the 'i' note above it. This option is removed when using the kis13 tools whether I am using the Vista admin account or the standard account. Furthermore, being in the admin account does not allow the choice to be made even though the 'i' makes reference to the administrator. I therefore sought help from windows forum members who posted the reply that I needed to clear the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate (\AU). Clearing the specified option/entry works perfectly and re-enables user choice for the disabled component. However, a few uses of the tool later i.e. not after every use, user choice is disabled again and I can't work out which kis13 tool component it is - but it is one or the other. I think the problem only comes to light after a reboot after use of the tools but it does seem a bit hit and miss. This has happened so many times now I tend to leave it disabled and clear the reg entry if I want to change the update setting; however, it would be handy for it not to happen at all. Anyone any ideas how to stop this from happening (it didn't seem relevant to post a GSI report but I can if you want me to). Thanks.
  17. Hi I assume you mean clean the HD etc. The BBC 'Click' program (in the UK) recommends doing this at least once every year anyway, so doing a format C: can only be a good thing; moreover, you never know, doing so may solve the problem and allow you to connect using kis13. In addition, I am only a home user not affiliated to kasp in any way and would say not to give up on kasp just yet. I have used other security suites and found as far as I know kasp to offer the better degree of protection over other widely available security suites.
  18. 'Mayaman' please be explicit. What is your proof or evidence for your assertion?
  19. Hi all I may be jumping the gun here but I seem to recall some talk of a patch 'g' becoming available at some point. My kis13 is still on 'f' so wondered wether g is not out yet or if it is and my kis13 has missed it. thanks.
  20. Hi all I'd like to add my two-pence worth to this discussion. In my experience of contacting tech support of other security vendors, kasp has been dissapointing for two key reasons. First, from memory, they take around 2-3 weeks to respond, if they respond at all which they never did on one occasion; I consider this to be too slow. this slowness can be frustrating as well as interfering with business, especially if it's virus related (worrying about personal info being obtained etc). It's a fair point to say kasp tech support can be very busy especially with an increasing number of threats on the internet that they have to deal with and it can be awkward to get enough staff to deal with it or know how many staff to have in what is a fluid arena in term of number of threats to deal with. However, tech support have been slow for well over a year so I would have thought they could have sorted something out by now especially considering that other vendors seem to have this sewn up - kasp could look at the model of support others use and copy it; however, there could be a staff cost / profit ratio that kasp don't want to go over e.g. they keep profits up by keeping staff costs down. Only they know what the real problem is and probably won't tell us but this could affect revenue if people consider buying kasp products and then don't bother based on the complaints they read on the forum. Second, it can be like pulling teeth to get tech support to actually understand what the problem is. Sometimes, they just don't get it no matter how many times or variations I try in explaining it. They could obviously just say it's my lack of understanding of issues that means I'm not relaying it to them properly but I don't think it's my reporting of the problem that is the problem - but then I would say that wouldn't I. Regarding tech support making appearances in the forum - I don't think they need to at all. From my understanding of the purpose of this forum and the way it's sold (for want of a better expression) to forum users', this is a forum for users run by moderators who are knowledgeable in the way of pc's but basically just volunteer for the forum. Therefore, tech support don't need to make an appearance as there has never been an expectation in the running of the forum that they would. Perhaps there is a hope they would given the lack of response time at tech support but theres no pressure they should in terms of any promises users are made when they bought the product. In conclusion, I think the suport on the forum is good and the support from tech support is dire but I will stay with kasp based on my opinion of the protection that kasp offers compared to other security suites. It's a trade off between protection and support and while I trust kasp I will put up with the volunteer suport but lack of tech support. That's my tuppence worth - goodnight!
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