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  1. Hi Thank you for your detailed response but I wonder some things. 1. I must apologise because I now realise that I've put my post in the wrong section. I'm using KTS16, therefore, do your numbered responses apply equally to KTS16 as well as KIS? 2. Does the error code shown in s/shot 1 identify the exact cause of the problem for that specific update attempt? 3. Updates have installed appropriately after the three problem entries, therefore, would this suggest that any problem has already been rectified? Thanks
  2. Hi I noticed these three problems today, which occurred the other day, as seen in the screenshots. Do I need to be checking or doing something now as a result of the problems updating? Thanks
  3. I've just discovered that safe money / the protection toolbar works on some sites but not others e.g. at https://login.live.com/... and http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/downloads, they work as expected but on e.g. this forum site they don't. I've also reset IE11 to default condition but the symptoms persist as described. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi A few days ago I bought a new laptop which used windows 8.1 and Macaffee internet security. Since then I have done the following. - Upgraded to windows 10. - Then uninstalled Macaffee from within windows program and features, then rebooted. Then ran the macaffee removal tool and rebooted. - Then installed KTS2016, rebooted, updated and rebooted. Using IE11 Safe money / the protection plugin/toolbar, all worked fine (e.g. had the green border). However, after two days safe money / the toolbar have stopped working. The protection icon in IE11 is greyed out, and I get the brown border using safemoney. In KTS settings, I have the protection extension activated in all browsers / in manage add-ons, the protection component and toolbar are both enabled. Any ideas how to get safemoney and the toolbar working again please? Regards GSI https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4e7d09ec5f46741
  5. Thanks for your help kojo+oi, you've directed me perfectly to where those settings are, so I'll give it a go for a few days and see how it goes. Regards
  6. Hi, thank you for your reply. I hadn't got into the problem I was having yet, but your reply suggests I'm having a known issue, because I am indeed having proxy issues since installing/running premium kis on android. My 'phone is a Vodafone V985N - 2BVDGB2 and periodically I get my wifi internet connection blocked, during which time when using google chrome, chrome says something about chrome can't connect to internet because of proxy issues, or when using android browser, an overlay box also states something about proxy. As per your reply, on my mob I went into settings > wifi > advanced, there is no entry regarding proxy settings, and no option to change IP setting. Oddly, when the problem occurs, if I restart the phone I can connect via wifi no problem but then the blockage comes back again periodically/intermittently. Any ideas? I don't want to have to uninstall kis on my mob given I've just purchased KTS 3 user multi device licence specifically so I can use it on my mob as well as pc. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Richbuff and others. I upgraded to KTS16 yesterday and problem resolved, symbols now appear in all search engines I use. Regards
  8. Greetings Purchased a KTS 3 user multi device licence a couple of days ago and am using KTS2016 on my pc, and as of yesterday, am using kis (from google play store) on my android mobile. Have been using my mobile for a year, and connecting to wifi without issue. However, as of today, now kis is installed on mobile, am experiencing issues. Before I get into details about the issue, I wanted to know if it is possible to 'exit' kis on my mobile, as can do with kasp product on pc, rather than having to uninstall whole program, just to see if really is a kasp security product problem on my mob (I hope can exit it without uninstalling, just for ease). Regards
  9. Hi, thank you for your reply. I know it's not a kasp problem, so your help is appreciated. However, I followed your advice but it didn't work out. When executing the command in the run box, a box comes up headed 'setup,' stating within the box that 'This MSI must be launched through setup.' also having an 'ok' box. Then after clicking 'ok' a box comes up headed 'fatal error' stating within the box that 'installation ended prematurely because of an error.' Do you know how I can manually navigate to geardrvs to manually remove it? Thanks
  10. Hi, thank you for your reply. I've upgraded to KTS16. Re Geardrvs, as I say in my post "I've run the norton removal tool many times, searched for any items related to symantec/norton, and followed advice about removing entries, yet I can't find where the reported 'geardrvs' is to be able to remove it. It would be handy if the GSI tool gave the pathway to it but it doesn't." I know it's not a kasp issue but any ideas about how I can find where the geardrvs object is on my pc so I can remove it? Thanks.
  11. Hi Installed KTS15 yesterday. Noticed that URL advisor symbols appear in various webpages, using chrome, but they do not appear in google search results. Any ideas please? GSI report http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...a481ecfa211635e Regarding 'Geardrvs' in the report, I've run the norton removal tool many times, searched for any items related to symantec/norton, and followed advice about removing entries, yet I can't find where the reported 'geardrvs' is to be able to remove it. It would be handy if the GSI tool gave the pathway to it but it doesn't. Thanks.
  12. Hi Related to my issue here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=330385 is this problem. I have now clean installed KTS15 (having just purchased it online from kasp / digital river), and see that KTS16 is now available. I clicked the download link provided in the important topics above, and downloaded the KTS16 installer. Running the installer then gave me the (only) option to download/install the full product. Therefore, this question: does this mean that KTS16 will be installed on top of (for want of a better expression) KTS15 i.e. without uninstalling KTS15 first? We've always been told on the forum to 'clean' install the product we're upgrading to (e.g. uninstall the vs. > reboot > install the upgrade > reboot, etc), but to do this we would need to have the full product available e.g. on disc or cd, to then install after we've removed the original vs. this means we should have the full product available to download (e.g. now KTS16), rather than just have the installer. Any ideas?
  13. Hi Just installed KTS, clicked on 'support' in the main application window, to open the box in screenshot 1 where I then clicked on 'support forum'. The problem is that I then got the warning as shown in screenshot 2 I can access the forum via the kaspersky.co.uk site but thought I'd mention the problem as shown. Regards
  14. Ok, I'm afraid I've been on a wild goose chase. It turns out that in the email I received about my order for KTS, I was able to click on a link to go to a kaspersky digital river site from where I can then download the full KTS product. Problem solved. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised this to start with so apologies and thanks for your replies. Regards
  15. Hi all, thanks for your replies. I've been using Firefox. If I'd requested a cd when purchasing KTS (upgrdading from KIS15) I wouldn't have this problem but I didn't think I needed a cd because having used KIS for years I've always been able to download the full product while having kis enabled and then clean install the download offline - simple. What's happening now is that I can download the KTS installer, where I get the download prompt to save or run the installer; i select 'save.' Then, when running the saved installer, I get the 'install' prompt from the installer, as shown in the screenshot, which only offers the option to install rather 'install' or 'save'. To clean install KTS I would have to uninstall kis15 e.g. offline, then go online and run the installer to download/install the full product, which may/may not present risks during the time of the download/install process. Therefore, I would ideally be able to download and save the full KTS product and clean install it offline. I've since had the bright idea of downloading the trial version of KTS to see if that would give me the full product but all it allowed was again just the installer, which once running, only allowed to 'install' rather than 'save.' I just don't understand how kasp expect us to be able to clean install the product without being online with no protection while downloading/installing the product, or having a cd. Therefore, is it possible to download and 'save' the full KTS product, and if I can't, what does anyone think about uninstalling kis15 offline, then going online and running the installer and downloading/installing KTS without any protection enabled for the time it takes to do it? Thanks
  16. Hi thanks for your reply. From what I can make out, the link you provide refers to a cd, which I don't have, or to downloading the installer, which then allows the downloading of the full KTS product. It's the installer which is my problem. I could remove kis15 while offline, reboot, go online, run the installer to download KTS and then install. The problem is that this means I would have to run the installer and download KTS while online, while having no internet security enabled, so that's why I wanted to download and 'save' KTS prior to a clean install, so I could clean install it offline. Therefore, is it possible to download and 'save' the full KTS to my PC so I can download it while still having kis15 enabled, and then clean install KTS offline? Thanks
  17. Ok, thanks, hopefully they'll come back and reply. Regards
  18. Hi yes, i'm upgrading from KIS15 to KTS. I can download and save the installation file (1.5MB), but upon clicking the installation file I am only given the option to install, not save or install. Therefore, is there some way to 'save' the full product so I can do a clean install offline? Thanks
  19. Hi I currently have kis15...361 ( c ) installed on my pc, and have just purchased Kasp total security - multi device - 3 licenses (1 year), online, via the renewal links in kis15 and the kasp.co.uk. this is my problem. I follow the link in the order summary, http: //www.kaspersky.co.uk/downloads/total-security-multi-device to download the installation file. I download the file and then click on the file to download the full product. However, it then, basically, asks me if I want to install the product rather than save it. I click install, and basically, it then stops the installation telling me that I have kis installed, uninstall it first. What I would like to be able to do is to download the full product and save it to my pc, from where I can then go offline, uninstall kis15 etc, and clean install total security while offline. Therefore, is it possible to download the full total security product to save it to pc to install, otherwise I'll have to uninstall kis15, go online and then download and install total security, with no protection enabled? Thanks.
  20. I don't get it. Bear in mind that you may understand this stuff but for some of us it's not so simple. All I know is that in Firefox vs 39 the add-ons didn't have the warning of proceed with caution, whereas after the update today to vs 40 the warning appears. What do I need to do to get situation with the kasp add-ons not to be a problem in firefox. thanks
  21. Thanks for your reply but the statement to... 'Proceed with caution' (stated with each add-on, as seen in the screenshot) seems to suggest that their being verified does matter. Anyone know how long it takes for kasp to catch up with firefox? Thanks
  22. Hi Firefox now updated to vs 40. Dangerous website blocker / Virtual keyboard / Safe money, now not verified to work with Firefox. How long does it take Kasp to update their addons to work again with an updated Firefox vs. Thanks.
  23. Hi Using KIS15...361 ( c ) and Google Chrome, around 3,300,000 files were scanned doing Full Scans. A few days ago I deleted Chrome and now use Firefox (39), and the Full Scan file count now comes to around 131,000. Does such a big drop in the file count seem normal? Yesterday, using BT Yahoo Mail I had to pause KIS for a few seconds to get something within Mail to work (KIS was preventing operation of signing out, which it has allowed previously without issue). Therefore, I'm concerned that malware got onto my PC during those few seconds. The full scan (with the 131K) file count, and scanning with Malwarebytes, found no threats but I worry that malware could be obscurring itself. Thanks
  24. Thanks Rudger79 Perhaps I'm being dense but the link you provide leads to the very adobe webpage I show in screenshot 2, which shows that only up to vs 11.0.10 is available, not up to 11.0.12. However, I've just uninstalled vs 11.x and installed vs 10.1.4 and oddly enough, after installation, an adobe webpage opened showing vs 11.0.12, which was not in the drop down box on the page you link to or I show in the screenshot. So, if anyone wants vs 11.0.12, install vs 10.x first and wait for the page to show linking to vs 11.0.12 - what a palaver. Anyway, the kis page in screenshot 1 still links to the wrong vs, which ideally would be changed to link to the correct vs i.e. 11.0.12.
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