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  1. Hi In the first important topic, the link saying, 'You can always download the latest versions of the Kaspersky products from here', takes me to the page shown in the attached screenshot. So, how can I download KTS so I can clean install it (I have the message that some protection components are not updated). Thanks S
  2. Hi As shown in the screenshot, 'PC Cleaner', in my version of KTS19...(d), reports that 'CCleaner' can be removed because it hasn't been used for over seven thousand days. This is completely inaccurate; I've used CCleaner almost daily for several years, and the report came after I'd just installed and run the most recent version of CCleaner (v5.53.7034). Any idea why there's a disconnect between the KTS PC Cleaner and actual usage? Thanks
  3. ...and I thought I had problems: 1'57"! So, perhaps not much can be done about it a local level but it's good to know that it doesn't seem to be a problem with my particular product/machine, which is good to know, so thanks for your replies. Cheers.
  4. Please find update report attached. I don't know if it tells you how long it took for that particular update but it was 11mins, 29 seconds, just to update 773.44KB; a good case in point. Cheers. KTS19 Update Report.txt
  5. Hi I'm using KTS 19...1088(d). KTS used to download updates and install them within approx 2-3 minutes. However, over the last couple of months, downloading can take 2-3 minutes just on its own, then updating files can take anywhere up to 5-6 minutes after that. This was happening using Windows 10 vs 1803, and is still happening when I upgraded to Windows 10 vs 1809 last week. So, any idea(s) what's going on - is there something I can try before getting into the GSI thing (which itself is a pain, don't know why they don't incorporate it into KTS/KIS/KAS and send it straight from there). Thanks. PS are Kasp bringing out a new version of KTS/KIS at all?
  6. Thanks for the reply but info on the link was unhelpful. Anyway, it's resolved now - it took hours, but I went back to Win 10 vs 1803, and successfully installed KTS19 (c).
  7. I've been using KTS19 (c). Some of the update components occasionally wouldn't install, so today I uninstalled KTS19, rebooted, and downloaded the KTS installer (2.5mb) for KTS from the kasp website, and from a link provided by Berny on this site. The problem is that I cannot install KTS because the installer cannot connect to the required site. See the attachments for screenshots of what is happening. One shows the installer can't connect to the application source. Another shows that Win 10 vs 1809 can't detect proxy settings, yet another shows that detect proxy settings automatically is enabled. another shows that I have allowed the installer through windows defender firewall. Kasp says check internet connection settings, but I can access the internet, as I'm doing now posting on the forum. Any ideas what's going on and how i can download/install KTS? Is it possible to get the 'full' KTS19 without going via the small installer? Thanks
  8. It's all very well disabling 'inject script into web traffic...' but then 6 protection components apparently won't work, as shown in the screenshot. Perhaps this is more a non-USA than non-Google issue. Personally, I'll stick with Kaspersky and remove Chrome if needs be.
  9. Hi I've installed KTS19(b) on a new Windows 10 PC; both are updated. As in the screenshot: - Rootkit scan shows no threats detected, having scanned 0 files. - Idle scan shows no threats detected, having scanned 1 file, which occurred when the PC was turned off! Any ideas what's going on, or whether I need to change a setting somewhere? Thanks
  10. So why does Chrome see KTS as being incompatible and want it removed - especially considering it allows the KTS extension?
  11. Hi I don't know if there's somewhere to make suggestions for components to add in KIS for Android, so perhaps these suggestions/requests could be moved there if there is one. Two suggestions/requests: 1. To be able to import/export lists of numbers in the call and text filter. I currently have 85 numbers to block. I had to do a factory reset on my mobile, and once completed, then had to enter each and every number by hand back in to the filter. An import/export function e.g. to save a doc/list of numbers, in my either my kasp account or be able to email, would be ideal. 2. Make the App lock feature able to search for apps not listed. I have some apps listed that can be protected by the security code, but not all apps on my phone are there. E.g the phone dialler, and contacts apps, would be ideal apps to protect, so no-one can make calls, either from the contacts list or just by using the dialler. Therefore, being able to find these app on the phone in the app lock feature would be ideal, but as yet they're not listed in the app and i can't see if i can get them in the app lock feature. Thanks.
  12. Hi I'm using KIS (vs for Android (vs 6.0.1). A few days ago, I set Call & Text Filter to block messages/calls from SuperFree and AmazonPrime. Furthermore, I'm using an Honor 5x mobile which has its own harassment filter. Every number I add to the KIS filter, I also add to the Honor filter. Calls/texts from all the names/numbers added to these filters always get blocked. However, after adding the aforementioned names to the filters, I then received texts from both names. Therefore, these names are getting through both the KIS and Honor filters. So, any idea why these two are getting through the filters? If there was an interaction between the filters, then presumably, other names/numbers would get through also but they don't. Thanks
  13. OK, thanks Berny. By saying you can keep using your current provider, Microsoft seem to be a bit misleading then, because you'd have thought they would know it's not recommended to run more than one security provider. Anyhow, I'll leave Defender off. I haven't done anything with Defender other than let KTS deal with it from when KTS was installed. Therefore, should I be doing something such as disabling Defender somewhere, or is it OK to leave just what KTS has done with Defender when KTS was installed? Thanks
  14. Hi Is KTS19...(a) compatible with Windows Defender, or should Defender be disabled? I did a forum search but couldn't find an answer - perhaps because vs 19 is so new - and couldn't find anything on kasp website. I ask because, as shown in the screenshot, Windows suggests that KTS can be used, and have Defender perform periodic scans - so, is it ok to turn this setting on, to have Defender periodically scan? Thanks
  15. Oh dear, I have to eat my words, after KPM was running so smoothly. I tried to change the master password today but couldn't because KPM kept throwing up the message that the master password had been changed on another device. The problem is that I don't have another device that I'm using KPM on! What the...! So I've uninstalled KPM and changed all my passwords.
  16. Thanks for this. I followed the pathway to point shown in the screenshot. Any idea which one or where the vault is from there, and how to delete it? As I say, KPM asked me for the master password for it, before I then created a new vault. Thanks
  17. Thanks Indio and Berny. When I installed KPM vs 9..., the first thing it did was bring up the old data vault and ask me to enter the master password. It also gave me the option of clicking that I'd forgotten the master password. Clicking that option brought up the option of creating a new data vault, which is what I did - and it works perfectly, as per another post I've posted. Therefore, the old vault is lurking about on my PC somewhere, which KPM found, but how do I find it so I can shred it myself? Thanks
  18. What a pleasure to use this version! I had to delete nearly every other previous version because it would not work in various ways, and tech support couldn't resolve issues. This version, however, seems to be smooth operating and nicely laid out. At last - good job Kaspersky!
  19. Hi When clicking 'how to do it' (to find out how to install KPM on Android), as shown in screenshot 1, I get taken to a page relating to purchasing KPM, as shown in screenshot 2. So, 1, how do I get to the required instructions, and 2, who does this misdirecting link get reported to? Thanks
  20. Hi I had a data vault created via an older version of KPM for which I no longer have the master password. I have now installed KPM vs 9... and created a new data vault. Therefore, is it possible to delete the old vault, which I can't access anyway? If I can, where do I find it please? Thanks
  21. Hi Is this the virtualisation that influences whether Safe Money will work? It used to be that Safe Money wouldn't work if virtualisation was disabled, so I'm wondering if this is the same one, and if it is, will it still affect whether Safe Money works.
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