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  1. I'll check the version, but it looks to me if these specs in the image attached. thank you Processador: Intel Atom CPU Z2560 1.60GHz E o tablet é 3G
  2. The license application will be made by KSC. I will perform the test with the suggested application, the results step by you. thank you
  3. hello to all, I'm having problems installing kaspersky mobile security for the SAMSUNG Tab3. SPECIFICATIONS: Processor: 1.60GHz Intel Atom Z2560 CPU And the tablet is 3G the error shown: processor architecture x86 of your device is not supported yet has anyone ever gone through this case?
  4. Yes, this patch fixes the Microsoft Sync Center? My interpretation of this was the forum link. tks
  5. Dear Nikolay Arinchev, Do you have the patch to fix this case? That link I sent you is talking about it and I need this fix. can you help me? Thank you.
  6. Hello, Please pf250 need that file since I have the same problem in KES 10MR1. You can offer me?
  7. Hello everyone, follow the link on the service: http://windows.microsoft.com/pt-br/windows...e#1TC=windows-7 The case was one of a incompatibility of the KES10 MR1 with Microsoft Sync Center. Synchronization is performed only after uninstalling the app! How can I resolve this case? Is there a problem in the same knowledge base of the forum? Thank you.
  8. This test successfully completed. 1- Go Repositories / Updates, click right button, click All Tasks, and delete the Repository Updates. 2- Then go to Tasks Administration Server and start the task Download update repository. 3- Run task update of workstations.
  9. I have the latest versions and I am going through these cases below: When trying to install on a PC via the Netagent ksc with the requirements above recommended I get the attached error (error-diskspace.jpeg) When trying to update a PC via the Netagent ksc get the attached error (KAV_erro_inst) Has anyone received these errors? How do I fix? thank you
  10. Have you tried to uninstall the older versions of application? I went through this problem and to fix I start a task uninstall via KSC. after completion checked that still existed and the KES Netagent and started a new installation task.
  11. an update of the Netagent and a change of administration server, where the old was the ADMKIT 8 and today is the KSC 10.1 tks
  12. Hello gentlemen, I'm having problems with KAV LINUX FS, the following error: Unable to start OAS Gravedad: Evento crítico Aplicación: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8.0 for Linux Número de versión: 8 mp1/mp2 Nombre de la tarea: Real-time protection Descripción: Unable to start OAS: it is recommended to rebuild the module someone already viewed this case?
  13. I'm in the same case on my network. The only solution would be to run the RIPREP? I will test!
  14. I'm experiencing some problems with updates of antivirus version 10. When I indicate the security upgrade at center, the update goes to 15%, ends and informs that there are no new updates. When I indicate the updates through the internet, I'm successful. Then when I go to the security center, it updates itself. After a few attempts, I got a new error. Attached!
  15. I received a recent demand regarding the case this link: http://delphiartigos.blogspot.com.br/2014_04_01_archive.html. This link there is information on which Kaspersky antivirus causing error accessing the database by ADO with Delphi. This problem can occur in KES? I see that the problem happened in the antivirus facing home users. In this link we can see that these are the KL information in the forum. You have the topic? Another link containing a possible fix: http://blog.nextsoftware.com.br/2014/04/er...-antivirus.html
  16. Olá, Verifique a comunicação entre o servidor de administração e o serviço de banco de dados. Se o SQL for corporativo, veja se a comunicação entre o servidor DB e o servidor KSC está OK e se o usuário cadastrado para autenticação é DBcreator e check a conexão antes de proceder com a instalação. Se for o SQL EXPRESS, log no Windows como Administrador, desisntale a console, instale o SQL EXPRESS que vem nativo nos arquivos de instalação do KSC na mão, instale o KSC e indique o banco. O mais indicado seria vc criar um ticket no portal de atendimento de suporte da KL. Segue o site: companyaccount.kaspersky.com vlew!
  17. Olá, Siga a recomendação do @GMendes. O serviço de DNS é o mais indicado para esse seu caso!
  18. Olá Senhores, Comunico a todos que necessitam de uma versão do KSC mais recente que a KL lançou um produto em nosso idioma nativo. Já homologuei e realizei testes! Segue o link Bons testes!!!
  19. Regarding the use of cluster installation mode, Kaspersky gives this installation option with the intention of 'failover' and not as 'loadbalance'.
  20. Hello to all... In some machines try to update the kaspersky both remotely and place machine and presents BLUE SCREEN and restarts, I currently have 3 machines in this case. Someone ran into this case?
  21. The case sent helped me. The utility you sent me worked normally and served me. Thanks and consider the case closed.
  22. hello, yes it is KES10 MR1. On the ticket he informed me that the case revolveria with PF_342 but not annexed PF_342 file. You have to send me a private message?
  23. In this case it does not balance the transmission of information and packages it chooses and sends a UA for it ... my question is because I have different scenarios and use the UA is inefficient due to delay in shipping. Thanks to all, I consider my doubt remedied.
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