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  1. I confirm. Scaning large OE mail database make large memory leak. In my case AVP.exe process eat over 1 GB RAM....
  2. When KAV 5.0 detected virus computer reported my by sound of "pig", KIS 6.0 make this by PC Speaker...
  3. Yes I know but J2ME protection isn't excelent... We recive information about permission to send a sms but we don't recive information about destionation number of thi smessage, for example sms can cost 1 cent or 10 Dolars (we don't know because we don't recive information about destination number) and program can have decribe that message cost 1 cent but reall price will be 10 $..
  4. Yes but haw I can protect my cell phone against malicious programs in java ? My phone have only java and nothink else. For example how can I protect against malicious programs like RedBrowser ?
  5. Remote Administrator its's not identifity as virus... it's identifity as RiskWare... You can disable detection RiskWare if You want.
  6. Hello! I recommand try newsest realise of Kaspersky Antivisur Labs: KAV / KIS 2006 witch will be avalible soon. Currently it's in beta testing but realise is tabile and works fine for me. Latest build You can find there: ftp://kav2006:Fynb02dbhec60@data.kaspersky.ru/ I recommand KIS 2006 it's preety fast, contain all wha You need. Just try and Give Your opinion
  7. I'm thinkg about software for cells...
  8. Is it possible to make AntiViral software in java ?
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