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  1. Hello, After installation KIS I'd like to use Anti-Spam for existing e-mail in my OutlookExpress e-mail client. Just I want to find and delete (useing KIS) spam message from my files in OutlookExpress. How can I do that ?
  2. Hello, Since a feew weeks I report that when I have run KIS than often I don't see user name for processes in Task Menager. Any one know what's going on ? KIS (It's not beta version....)
  3. Hello, Since few weeks I report very slow update process. It's 2-4 min only for taking flags (xml) from server. Some times taking xml never end... I use public version, it's not beta! Any one know what's going on ? Redgards
  4. I hope that MS verification process will done soon. After that user will sure that files are safe nad oryginally from KAV.
  5. presented files was from version of KIS Any one from KAV can reply for this post ?
  6. Hello, I run Autoruns from Sysinternals. This tool can verify digital sings of files. Why KAV files are not verified correct ? For example:
  7. Hello, I'd like to test KAV, but befeore I have to full installa Norton AV Corporate.. (uninstaller doesn't work correct) I need Norton AV Removal for Norton AV Corporate Edition...
  8. I need standalone version of Symantec Removal tool for Symantec Corporate Edition.
  9. I found at: http://www.johannrain-softwareentwicklung....0_nt_server.htm info about version 6.0 for File Sever... so it's fake news message.
  10. Hello! Any new info about KAV 6 For Windows File Server?
  11. J2ME is single-process platform. If AV launched - no more other launched application. No application - no trojans. If trojan launched - no AV.
  12. Your answer is really funny... Hawe you ever been in public LAN environment (Lan network for people from neighborhoods, small town or housing estate)? What for buy KIS or other security tools ? better go to Your ISP and tell him that you need protection againsts network attack including malicious software
  13. Over one year ago I asked about this feature! ARP proteciton for KAV Dev Team is: "priority of this feature is very equal to zero for personal user" So... you can't be secure in LAN environment with KIS 6.0 from KAV ... just buy another product if you want to be secure in your lan . Reply from KAV is really funny for me Source: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=6020
  14. JanRei: I have to use search at web site to find "Błąd podczas aktualizacji - FAQ". In my opinion this information should be in "Nowości techniczne" as it is at kaspersky.com
  15. Do you see any info at main page of kaspersky.pl ? How user can determine that was made by KAV/KIS application error but not OS fault or hardware problem ? After recive this error I checked web siete (main web site because I didn't have time for more) I didn't find any info so I uninstall application and decide use another software solution for protecting PC against malicius software. There wasn't any info about software problems, is it any secret ? Do you think that users doesn't have problems with kav software after Error update ? In my opinion Polish KAV team try to hide problems with KAV software (Update problems). Information about software problems especialy important as Software Update Erros should be clear visible at main page. Redgards Bildos
  16. Why at polish main web site www.kaspersky.pl ther isn't any info about Update Error for Kaspersky Anti-Virus ? Most of polish users doesn't know why their software crash!
  17. Is KAV ready for new thread ? (source: http://www.securityfocus.com/brief/360) ~~Fix the link please.................. ~~
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