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  1. I only get the Samsung boot screen with the little rotating circle. It seems that the boot does not even start. It just hangs there for ever. So it's not BSOD it must bee something with the boot loader and Samsung. I read another thread were a user had exact the same problem. What is simular is that my machine was shipped with Windows 8 and then upgraded with Windows Prod version. The same as the other member. He also discovered that another Samung he had who was not updated worked with Kaspersky.
  2. Tried to make a custom installation of KES 10 and disabled the Device Control but still the computer will not boot. Had to recover to last restore point again and then the computer starts but without KES10. Have now installed ESET and it works fine.
  3. Hi, Have a Samsung NP900X4C with Windows 8 which has been upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. Installed KES 10 and after this it does not boot. Only the little Samung Icon appeares which is rotating but no Windows is starting. My machien is not use Bitlocker or anything lika that The only way to get the machine to work again was to run a recovery which removed the KES 10. Read something about UEFI might cause this problem and yes the Samsung is using UEFI but I want put hours of work with reinstalling all new computers just because KES 10 doesn't work. So I tried to install Symantec Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Protection and both worked like a charm so we are now in considering to replace all our Kaspersky products with ESET to avoid this trouble in the future. I can't understand why Kaspersky can't find a solution for this problem when other products are working out of the box? I Read something that it will perhaps be solved in Q2 but we are in Q2 now and no solution has been published. Does anybody else have the same experience? :angry:
  4. Hi having exactly the same problem. Installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 with default settings on my Samsung NP900X4C with Windows 8 Professional installed and when I rebooted I only get the Samsung logo and the little circle which indicates boot. Never getting any Windows so I had to run a recovery on my machine to latest good known state and then it booted and the KES 10 was no longger used. First there was no working version for Windows 8 and now the computer does no longer boot after installing it. I have bought a lot of KES server and client licenses to our company but soon my patience is over and we will start replacing this product with a working Antivirus software instead. Please, find a quick solution on this problem.
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