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  1. I installed Kaspersky in November 2012. Then I installed Realplayer. Near the end of the installation, it asks if I want to look at/try the pay version, Realplayer Pro. I clicked x to exit installation, because the installtion looked as tho it was finished. Actually, it wasn't finish installing. I went to Youtube to download. Normally, a little tab pops up when you hover the cursor over the video. The little tab wasn't there when I hovered the cursor. In Control Panel, I unintalled Realplayer. Then I reinstalled Realplayer from the official Realplayer website. Near the end of the installation, it asks if I want to look at/try the pay version, Realplayer Pro. The first time I installed Realplayer, I clicked x to exit installation at that point. This time, I clicked ok to continue and see the Pro version. THen it asked me if I would like to have the download feature for Realplyer or not. I checked/enabled downloads there. I went to youtube. The little tab popped up when I hovered on the videos. When I clicked it to download, the Realplayer downloader window appeared, but it didn't download. It read "Unable to Download". None of the videos would download. I had about 3 bars on my interent speed connection icon on the botttom task bar of the desktop. A few days later, I had over 4 bars, and I could download on Youtube. ---- flippypat