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  1. I'm going to defrag tbe disk and wait for the new windows update (i've recieved a message about something called creators update), if the problem persists i'll do as you say. Thank you.
  2. Done, didn't fix the problem, i'm still getting 100% spikes with KIS activated.
  3. The reinstall didn't do anything, the problem remains. As for what you asked, i think i did everything right: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...fd23580b5ded21e Dunno, i really feel like the security update for Windows 10 somehow messed up something related to KIS2017 but i don't see anyone else complaining about it...
  4. Thank you for your answer, i don't think that is the problem because the traces option was already disabled (if i remember correctly, that is an option that you can leave it activated when installing and i choose not to). Also, not sure if relevant, whenever the disc usage starts rising up to 100 the kaspersky icon starts blinking. Edit: Going to try what perhaps i should have done, reinstall KIS.
  5. First, apologies if this isn't the correct section. Today i've noticed that my pc was slow, i thought it was related with my browser since it wasn't the first time that it was constantly unresponsive (old pc and it was because the profile was corrupted) but no, the problem persisted without having anything running so i decided to check the task manager and found out that the hard drive usage was at 100%. My next step was to exit KIS 2017 and the problem was gone, it was kept at a low percentage but everytime i started running kaspersky the disc usage went back to 100% (spikes, it goes down for a few seconds and return to the max value). All that i can think of is that yesterday there was a Windows 10 update, perhaps it's related? What can i do here?
  6. Oh, i wasn't aware that there was 2 versions, thank you for the information, next time i'll choose the multi device option.
  7. Last year i've bought KIS13 (3 users) and i do remember that i've used the code for 2 pc's and for android, recently i've bought and i have tried to activate (using the same code as the pc) for my mobile but everytime that i tried to i get this message "Unable to activate app", just that. Isn't supposed to activate also the mobile version? My friend has bought the same product but the disc version and he uses the same code for his phone, is there a difference between disc and digital?
  8. Wow, didn't know that, already done that and now i have 2013, plus, i used Ccleaner to make sure everything would be "fresh", and guess what, it works, everything is normal now. Thank you. I've done that but it didn't work so i assume i had to individualy copy/paste every single image link. Also, thank you for mentioning upgrading to 2013 version, you were right (as i said above in response to sprong).
  9. Yeah, i already filled up the report for tech support, i'll share here the answer (and hopefully the solution). JanRei, unfortunally those solutions are not viable for me, i have that problem of the images on a forum (i would have to copy/paste all the avatars) and i just bought recently Kaspersky 2012 and still have 294 days remaining, not gonna buy a new version!
  10. Im having the same problem, the images on some websites are not showing up properly. I found out this, i hope that it helps correcting the problem.
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