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  1. Please update updater.xml in /updates/bin/kuuc/. Now KIS2016 log always showed this component "SI" failed to be updated from update distribution.But it showed "no need of updates" from online server. At last I found there is no SI folder in update distribution because the Utility never downloads SI folder from the server.
  2. Kaspersky Update Utility showed "Update distribution completed successfully" But KIS update failed with "KISCFG" and "SI" update error.It said the source didn't contain the needed files.After I switched the update source to the online servers,it could update without any issue.Then I tested on another PC,deleted the source folder and re-downloaded the whole update distribution,KIS gave the same error. I checked the log and found this issue occurred yesterday just after KIS upgraded to Patch G. Does the Utility miss some files,which should be snatched, on the update server?
  3. I faced the same issue. "File does not exist on update source http://dnl-01.geo.kaspersky.com/updates/ap...libheurap.dylib" This occurred 12 hours ago on global update servers and now on CDN servers as well. Please fix it. Download file started 'diffs/updates/vlns/mod/m....k' Download file started 'updates/apu/x64/bsd9/libheurap.dylib' File does not exist on update source 'http://dnl-01.geo.kaspersky.com/updates/apu/x64/bsd9/libheurap.dylib' Component is not retranslated 'APU' Download file started 'updates/hips/diffs/....'
  4. Could you teach me ? I want to change settings of 2014 ! Advance settings ! I am responsibility for what I have changed . please don't close.I really want to know .
  5. except GUI , is there any other method for users to change the settings ?
  6. I think something is wrong with your route table. You can traceroute to find some clues.
  7. I had updated my KIS 2013 to patch F.But I found a bug after upgrading that after restarting the Kis would uncheck "Use heuristic analysis".I checked it again,but it was strange that after I rebooted my computer,KIS uncheck it again.This phenomeon is brought by patch F.When I used 4190e,I didn't meet it. PS:After I changed the settings,I clicked the button "save".
  8. Kis scans all the data transferring through the network.The big traffic includes those.
  9. Pay attention to what Moderate Richbuff said in this topic http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=251956 Maybe it is helpful.
  10. Maybe this application is in the untrusted list of KSN,a cloud service.If KSN was not available,Kis grouped it using heristic analysis.The KIS reports could show something useful.
  11. Settings window>Application Control>Application,you can delete the "Chrome" in any group and rules for chrome will be added autometically(trusted group)when you run chrome later.
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