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  1. Hey, When I'm going to https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/ it show me a blank page. It works when I close KTS. I didn't gad this problem with KTS 18. Thank you
  2. Alexandre B

    KPM9 - I can't select text on notes

    @Mefodys Hey, any update for the release of the new update ? Thank you
  3. Alexandre B

    KPM9 - I can't select text on notes

    Nice news, thank you
  4. Hey On KPM8 we could select the text of the notes, but not more in KPM9. I have to edit the note to select the text, too bad.
  5. I never uses Beta. I just downloaded KPM 9 ( from KPM 8 (Check update).
  6. Hey, I've updated my KPM this morning to the version 9. And It uses 30% of my all cores. Do you know why ? I never had this issue with KPM 8. Thanks
  7. Okay, thank you Berny ! Happy New Year
  8. Yes, it seems okay now, do you know why I have this problem ?
  9. Hi, I have never had this problem, but since tonight, KPM uses between 50 and 70% of my processor. Do you have an idea why ? Thank you
  10. I reformated my PC 4 days ago. Since today I've many BSOD error (System Service Exception). I've KTS 2018 ( - French), I'm trying to uninstall it and reinstall the 2017 version. I hope it will resolve the problem.
  11. Alexandre B

    Conflit entre KTS et Windows Defender

    Cela fonctionne cependant je ne peux plus accéder au Windows Store ou lancer des apps du Windows Store, puisque l'installation d'app nécessite que le pare-feu soit activé.
  12. Alexandre B

    Conflit entre KTS et Windows Defender

    Bonjour Berny Dans démarrage, j'ai: Dans Services, je ne sais pas si c'est ça, je viens de le désactiver:
  13. Bonjour, Quelques minutes après l'ouverture de ma session j'ai ce popup et ce à chaque fois. Mon PC est sous Windows 10 Creator Update. C'est la version (e). J'ai également ce soucis parfois sur mon PC portable, lui aussi équipé de Windows 10 CU.
  14. You can't send a file with the "new" system, only URL.

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