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  1. No reinstall. I don't have the original disk anymore, Why should I use 2009? I have not been notified to upgrade by the Kaspersky program so it musn't be that important? And if it is why am I not notified or why does it not just automatically update? The extension was just disabled via the safemode option of FF2, not uninstalled, I haven't had issues with it in the past, so why muck around with it now? Finally, someone suggests a qick and easy solution, which worked! My g/f must have clicked block somewhere. All I had to do was delete the rules and run FF2 again, click allow and it's all working. I thought that with IT you always start with the easiest and most obvious things first and THEN move onto the harder, more elaborate steps...? I wish you had of said that in the first reply, as it would have saved me from getting so fustrated.
  2. Url? Google.. anything... it all results in a blank page. FF3 isn't an option as it isn't compatible with all the websits I use, just yet. Fasterfox, infact all extensions, have been disabled. Kind of rediculous that one day it works and another it dosn't, and to ask/tell an end user that they have to manually update thier AV just so a popular web-browser will work. Not impressed. Why do AV/IS progams have to all suck so much? Why make it so hard and complicated for people? They should JUST WORK, after all that's what I PAID my money for, no?
  3. Ok, so recently I have had an issue wth Firefox2 where when I try and open it up it wont display anything, just a blank webpage. However when I use IE7 instead it works fine. If I disable anti-hacker or Kaspersky in general, it (Firefox2) works fine. I tried installing the latest version of Firefox2 with the training mode on, and gave permissions to all requests, but I still can't view anything when using Firefox. Any help would be appreciated, as atm I am regulated to using IE7, which kinda sucks.
  4. Just a little bump. I have tried everything suggested and I am still having no luck. I've started using Frostwire, but it is a pretty average program.... Any more help or suggestions?
  5. Latest GSI after deleting Symantec values from system: http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?hl=en&amp...mp;Microsoft=0# Still has Windows Defender stuff, even though I uninstalled it...? So how would I go about removing the WD values then? In my latest GSI report it is no longer showing any Symantec values. Just the Spybot and WD entries.
  6. Found them and deleted them ok. I'm only using Spybot on demand, just as a backup scanner to use if the first line of defence fails. Not that I could see. I have realised that I uninstalled Windows Defender last night, and it is still showing up in the GSI, as Windows Defender Signatures. How would I go about removing that if it isn't in program files or add/remove? Also, what about removing the Symantec registy values? I have done a CClean and looked for them but they didn't show up.
  7. How would I go about doing that? Just explor C: drive untll I locate the folders? But are they? I have since removed Windows Defender. Should I get rid off Spybot aswell?
  8. Windows version, plus which SP versions, updates, etc. WINDOWS XP PRO (MCE 2005) SP2 BUILD 2600 Firewall. KASPERSKY Anti-virus. KASPERSKY Anti-trojan. KASPERSKY & SPYBOT Anti-spam. KASPERSKY (Currently diabled as I dont use a email client) Process/registry control, like Process Guard, RegDefend, System safety monitor, Prevx etc. CCLEANER Backup software. NERO Backitup Anti-Phishing: KASPERSKY and Windows IE7 anti-phishing inbuilt. See top post for more info. KIS Version Have recently upgraded to KIS7 from KIS6, had Norton Internet Security 2006 previously. Removed Nortons using removal tool. Description of problem as above. GSI results: http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?hl=en&amp...amp;Microsoft=0 See what you can do...
  9. Latest GSI Parser scan results HERE. Seems to still be a few issues, though it has gone down to code orange after I have gotten rid off Windows Defender.
  10. Just a bump. I have since upgraded and activated KIS7, but the problem still occurs. When I hav KIS firewall running nd I try to use SoulSeek, I cannot open Firefox, and IE7 will open the window but sit there trying to load the website for ages. Does anyone have any solutions on how I can let Soulseek and webbrowsing happen at the same time?
  11. It wouldn't actually let me run it in safe mode. Ok, so i have just finished up doing everything. Uninstalled Windows Defender, uninstalled Kaspersky, booted in safe mode, ran all the clean up tools, reinstalled Kaspersky. Ran SFC. Updated and activated KIS fine. Will have to see how it goes. I will do another GSI scan tomorrow when I have time and upload it and see if I have corrected anything, and if not how to go about doing do. Thanking you all for your help so-far, I hope a few of you are on the Kaspersky pay-roll, because you are doing a better job than thier local support does.
  12. Yes, I believe Windows Defender is running in real-time. Well the thing is when I first got KIS6, I had no end of problems for about 2 weeks with multiple BSODs on boot etc. I had to use the NRT back then and I am sure running it twice wouldn't make any difference? (I ran it in SAFE mode the whole lot). I will do this, and see how it goes: -Uninstall Windows Defender. -Uninstall Spybot (KIS should have me covered in this area, no?) -Reboot. -Uninstall Kaspersky. -Reboot in SAFE mode, run the NRT again. -Run a CClean, just for good measure. -Reboot. -Install KIS7 (which I have had running for a couple of days now from KIS6 and has been going ok). -Update, reboot. -See how it goes? Maybe reboot a few more times just for the hell of it... If this sounds wrong in anyway please correct me now. I am on lunch atm and will be doing this procedure later this evening when I get home. Delete the registry keys in SAFE mode? Any advice on doing this? "unlocker"? I am unfamiliar with this process/program.. No worries, will do. I'm actually a bit peeved with Symantec right now, rather than Kapsersky. Even after uninstalling it (which took about 3 hours to do), running the removal tool etc etc I still have their crap on my PC mucking with my current AV software. Very annoying. I'm half considering backing up my data and just doing a format reinstall and be done with it... :angry: Thanks for the help guys.
  13. Just a bump. I'm cautious about the GSI results saying I am in red alert mode (or what-ever it was). Any suggestions how to get rid of the Symantec remnants?
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