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  1. My install is due to expire in 21 days. I get a daily popup informing me of this and with a 6 character 'code' to put in on the renewal page to save a further £5. I've tried for 3 consecutive days now and it's ignoring the code and the renewal price stays fixed at £24.99. I have used the exact case as per supplied. What am I doing wrong ?
  2. I see from the forum list that release 2015 MR1 fixes a few things that will likely affect me (Outlook 2010 for example). Is the latest release MR1 or are we still waiting and what version should I look out for to get MR1 ? I've still got a few weeks to go and I'm undecided whether to continue with 2014 or go to 2015.
  3. Ah yes - thanks Reading the thread it's still in user beta ? Might hang on with 2014 on this one as I'm getting a new PC in October
  4. I'm following the link dated July 14 from the top of the page to the KIS upgrade page. When I follow the subsequent links all I'm seeing is the KIS 2014 download. When I click the download button it is indeed the 2014 download. Am I missing a trick ?
  5. Why cannot Kaspersky be directly upgraded 2014>2015 like some other AV apps ? I'm never fully happy being almost totally unprotected after the old version is uninstalled and then forced to perform a reboot which often includes the OS or other app going out to the WWW as part of the bootup process. If the uninstall or subsequent install fails then we are prompted to login to Kaspersky support - but that involves going 'out' whilst being unprotected ! Is it worth gambling and going for an 'upgrade' and see what happens ? rant over
  6. OK Just waiting for it to happen again then submit the trace. I have done the manual > scheduled trick and it hasn't happened since. Now waiting for a scheduled run and lets see what happens. The only recent change to my system is that I'm now running MalwareBytes premium v2 with full protection.
  7. Whilst I'm waiting for it to happen again what it seems to be doing is not performing a scan until the scheduled date and time. When it does it is then not acknowledging that it has completed and will then perform a new Full Scan at each bootup. The way to stop it seems to be to switch it to 'Manual' then back to 'Scheduled' and it's fine till the next scheduled scan. Anyway, leave it with me..................
  8. Thanks for the reply. Not been on this PC for a few days but it's started another full scan this morning at boot up. From my end it seems that once the full scan is started via a schedule it doesn't acknowledge that it's finished so keeps starting every day. By switching to manual then back to scheduled does stop it. I'll do the above ASAP thanks
  9. The full scheduled scan ran on the 20th to 100% completion. Today is the 21st and it's started a full scan again at 05:40 when I started the PC up, and that is before the 07:00 full scan scheduled time so it looks to me that once a scheduled scan has been triggered it keeps doing another one everytime the PC is rebooted. Is there a registry key I can amend until it's fixed or am I looking at setting it to manual (assuming that will stop it) ?
  10. Thanks Delete and resetting now, I'll post back in a few days
  11. Today is the 18th. My full scan is not scheduled till the 20th. ... and yet every day this week when I first boot up the PC It is performing a full scan and slowing the PC to a crawl whilst doing it. Why every day and is there another setting I've missed ? I am letting it complete as I guessed it might try to continue where it left off if I don't.
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