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  1. Hi Dmitry, Update Servers are accessible. Updates are being downloaded as well, as we can see from the log. However each time the following update is downloaded: "updates/bin/kes10_cm/kes10_cm-1313g.xml.klz" The error is logged. So, that means there must be an intermediary device that is locking this particular update file -- because of which the updates are not completed. Correct? Or, can there by any other issue as well.
  2. Please whitelist the URLs mentioned in below link: https://support.kaspersky.com/general/products/6105
  3. Just need to know if anyone tried protecting iRecruitment with Kaspersky. And, how they did it? Was it through the ICAP feature provided in KAV 8 EE or via Gateway protection. As iRecruitment only supports protection via ICAP.
  4. Has anyone successfully integrated KAV 8 EE via ICAP with Oracle iRecruitment? Thanks.
  5. The trial key available online has computer based restriction. Whereas, the list price has the licensing on per user basis.
  6. Thanks Tybilly. Tried connecting with RPC but it did not work for me. And, I did not find any ICAP configuration on FreeNAS.
  7. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition - Version
  8. Hi, Just curious, anyone tried integrating FreeNAS with Kaspersky Security for Storage? Thanks.
  9. Unfortunately, it removes all the contacts stored on device itself, gallery pictures, all application data (which are not part of container) and on top some applications as well (which are not part of container) -- totally a wasted feature. It should as the name says only remove the containerized data nothing else. Is there any one from the developers here -- who can put a light on this as well.
  10. KESM - SP1 KESM = Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mobile
  11. Hi, What information does 'corporate wipe' exactly delete on the mobile where Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mobile is installed apart from containerized applications, calendar and contacts?
  12. Thank you Tybilly for your inputs. I tried this -- but the device did not perform as expected. For example, I sent the alarm command -- but it was not executed on the device. Whereas, when the device is connected with Administration Server -- the response was instant. So, that made me think even with GCM the device needs to be connected with Administration Server for the execution. Did you try this use-case? Was the result same?
  13. The purpose of GCM integration is not to wait for next synchronization with the Administration Server for sending commands. But, is it possible to control a mobile device via GCM that is now on a different network and not connected with Administration Server? Or, is it absolutely necessary to have a connection between Administration Server and mobile device all the time to be able to use GCM as well?
  14. Please use Connection Gateways to achieve this.
  15. You cannot run trial key after previous key (either commercial or trial) has been used.
  16. You can specify this in Network Agent package properties.
  17. Please set communication between endpoints and KSC through IP address. This would resolve dependency on DNS.
  18. Browsing is not the same as downloading virus signatures. Thanks.
  19. Some gateway device is blocking KSC reach-ability to KL Update Servers. You may try downloading the updates through stand-alone KL Update utility available on the following link: http://support.kaspersky.com/updater2#downloads Again, please ensure all the gateway devices allow to and from access to KL Update Servers. Thanks.
  20. KSC itself does not provide High Availability options at the moment. But you can use Windows clustering to achieve your goals, as follows: http://support.kaspersky.com/8170 Plus, if you have KSC backup -- the full recovery does not take more than 30 minutes.
  21. Please whitelist *kaspersky.com in your firewall / IPS and other gateway devices for all traffic. Or add exceptions for following KL Update Servers: https://support.kaspersky.com/general/products/6105 The error indicates KSC is not able to reach to KL Update Servers.
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