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  1. No better- cmd box (Trusted) flashes for 1/2sec, then disappears ( I even tried adding ECHO to first line, and tried it a couple of times in case KIS needed to Trust it)? -Any other suggestions?
  2. Just curious?- I submitted your qwest site url to VirusTotal, and Kas was the only AV out of 51 to block this site- Maybe Kas know something the others don't!?- The Mods may tell you how to submit this site as a possible False Positive...? I was only getting 15,000mbps/1,500up, when Charter advertised 30,000!? The Good news!- My ISP reset my modem/router, and now I'm getting 30,000/3,600! Glad I read your Thread! G'day edit: del extraneous link.
  3. In KIS2013 I created an on-demand .bat rootkit scan that worked Good- cd C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2013\ avp.exe start scan_qscan I tried to do the same in KIS2014 by editing the above..., but there is No scan_qscan ? How do I do this?
  4. After closing a Folder/Program started from desktop, and then clicking a blank area on desktop dotted lines appear around the icon (see Win 7 Downloads folder)?- I get this on my Win7 x86 desktop, but not my Win 7 x64 laptop- Both running KIS2014. What do they mean...?
  5. In Application Manager I see I have a bunch of entries in Restrictions (whatever that is?)- Most of these I want to run un-restricted? Is there something I need to do to make them Fully Allowed...? BTW?- Where is Help in KIS2014, or is there a .pdf Users manual...?
  6. I installed Pure 3.0 so the PWM would sync between my desktop & laptop, only to find it didn't support IE11 or FF29- Also encrypted key strokes was also disabled in FF!? I have since uninstalled slow Pure, and installed much faster KIS2014. edit: del unnecessary advertising.
  7. My system Gadgets became corrupted (didn't close KIS2013 gadget before uninstall?), so I did a in-place system reinstall. I didn't make a screen shot of the 181 registry errors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. Here is the GSI report, and I will uninstall EMSI kit before installing KIS 2014. Visit My WebsiteGSI Report ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't understand why you requested this GSI as my question is about how to Completely uninstall Pure 3.0?- How about if I disable self-protection/exit, boot into Safe Mode, then run the Removal tool from the C: Root directory?
  9. I finally figured out how to disable the PWM pop-up- I had to login to PWM, and made the startup changes in Settings...
  10. I want to completely uninstall Pure 3.0 (install KIS2014). When I uninstalled KIS2013 (disabled self-protection/exit, and uninstalled from add-remove, I ended up with hundreds of invalid registry items). I'd like to uninstall Pure, and not have any leftovers...- How do I do this?
  11. I installed Pure 3.0 to get a browser Password Manager that would sync with my other computers, only to find it doesn't work with IE11 or FireFox28. Now every time I reboot/startup I get the PWM pop-up at startup, for a feature I don't want to use- How do I disable PWM, and get rid of this pop-up...?
  12. The uninstall didn't go well for me, as you instructed!- My desktop Gadgets became corrupted (I had KIS, and Calendar), and I guess I should have removed them First! I ended up having to do an in-place system reinstall (Upgrade..., per Windows Seven forum...). Pure installed Good, after I First uninstalled All suspicious programs. I sure miss the animated K gadget though, and I submitted a Feature Request support ticket?
  13. Slow updates (dial-up speeds) is the same on All my versions of K (KIS2013, and Pure 3.0), especially on first cold startup (data base updates... take about 2min), and I have Super Fast cable internet? My guess is that K's servers are in Russia?- Other foreign AV's I've tried got servers in USA... that Greatly improved download speeds, but I was Not Happy with their iffy protection. I guess I'll have to live with it, and hope K addresses this issue? If enough users open Support tickets about slow download speeds, they may address this issue? edit: del quote.
  14. KIS2013 encryption doesn't work on FireFox, so I tried KeyScrambler?- KS wouldn't always close after exiting IE11 , and then when I'd type in the Search box it would be encrypted (KS Support was No help). I then tried Spy Shelter free on my 32-bit desktop, and it worked Good! The problem was that SS free only works on 32-bit, and I'd have to buy Premium for my 64-bit laptop- I gave it a Trial?- It worked good in IE11, but Not at all in FF28 (SS is Trusted in Application Control) ? I contacted SS support, and this was their Reply- "As for Kaspersky issues, some processes becomes unprotected because KIS blocks code via APC. We recommend our Users to ask Kaspersky on how to disable this feature." I'm not sure that I'd even want to disable the APC Security feature if I could!? Any suggestions?
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