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  1. Same problem with KIS19 for me too. Automatic Update stucks to 100% and it is fixed with restart only. Manually updating is working fine.
  2. Which file is the latest? I suppose kis18.0.0.405aben_12780.exe ? I finally installed it with the use of online setup and it was updated to patch b Is patch b the latest or not? I read somewhere that patch c is the latest. In that case can anyone tell me if I can manually download it? Thank you!!!
  3. Is KIS 2018 at its final version or it is a beta one? If it is final, can someone put links for download the offline setup file? Thank you in advance!
  4. I updated to new KIS and a program named Kaspersky Secure Connection was installed too. If I have understood correctly it is something like vpn to hide and change IPs. The fact is that traffic is limited to 200MB. My KIS license will expire in about 220 days why do I have limitation? I pressed a button to end the limitation but is takes me to store to purchase KIS that I already own. Can anyone bring some light and help me? Thank you all in advance!!
  5. I see in notification area two KIS icons one red and one grey and then both disappears.
  6. I did what you recommended to me and the problem did not appear. If it comes back I will let you know. Thank you again
  7. Thank you for your vast response http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...8e09c5896d40afa
  8. I use KIS (a) and I realized that some times icon disappears from tray and need restart to have KIS back to work properly. I see at icon tray two KIS icons, one normal red and one grey and then both disappears. My OS is Windows 10 Pro x64 Does anyone else face the same problem?
  9. Well I spoke with a friend of mine who has made the update to and has exactly the same problem with me thus I suppose this is probably another KIS bug that has to be fixed/solved. Thanks for your reply.
  10. I uploaded two screenshots, the point is that I had never this problem before. Thanks for your reply.
  11. This plug-in was working fine but now it says that is not working properly and I see a yellow outline to IE11 instead of green. Does anyone else have the same problem? Can anyone help me and give me a piece of advice? Thank you!!
  12. As I see by reading other threads there is no 100% sure that patch B will work. I suppose the Kaspersky team should create a new version of KIS 2013. Support team, after a ticket, suggested me to install KIS 2012 so... we wait.
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