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  1. we have a several question about KSMG : - How do we create a mail routing rule that applies to any domain ? consider we have more than one rule. we have an existing rule like this : xxx.yyy.zzz routed to smtp.abc.def (first) aaa.yyy.zzz routed to smtp.def.ghi (second) we want to create a third rule that applies to mail that received from local domain that doesnt included with another two rules above that exist. - How we change listening SMTP port for KSMG ?
  2. Before this thing happened, we already used MR1, we need a solution for SP1 because its already enrolled into many slave server. Waiting for the solution.
  3. i have a same problem, but i dont have any KIS installed and any incompatible application installed. Any solution ?
  4. if its only update service, why its using half of my CPU resource every time even the update is not started ? anybody can help me ?
  5. INC000003488557. KLabs support asking for trace, and now im trying to reproduce the issue again.
  6. he's talking about avz, and what im askintg for is how to update avz in offline environment. not KES. im still not getting any good response, either here or either from CompanyAccount.
  7. how to update it in offline environtment ? im confused, my main question is why the protection pf kaspersky is easily can be off ? Even if the virus is still not listed in database, Self Defense, and Heuristic + System Watcher at least can maintain the protection status right ?
  8. This is log and GSI that i acquired in one PC. Using KES 10 MR1. No specific scenario, only daily usage using Office Application and Web Browser. loggsi.zip
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