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  1. My system got progressively worse where I could't put up with it anymore. Thus the reformat and what a difference it made. You have to remember also that alot of the people here are pro KAV. Nothing wrong with that because I was too. I said it before and I'll say it again. KIS was the best security I ever ran on my computer. But it came to the point where you ask yourself at what price? It should'nt have come to that but it did and I won't take that chance again. Dan
  2. I have to disagree. It is damage to your system when it effects the way it runs. Reformatting is the cure but time consuming. Something we should not have to do because of a software problem and lack of concern on the part of the manufacturer.
  3. It seems to me you are saying that it's ok to damage people's computers and we won't tell them of the possibility. Let me say that I have used KIS 6 and 7. I will say that it was the best I ever used. But this chkdsk thing really screwed up my computer. I just reformated the other day and all is well now. But I swear that any KAV product will never touch this computer again whether they fix the problem or not, and it's not the problem itself but the lack of interest and the denial at first to admit it on their part. All they would have had to do is say we have a problem and are working to correct it. Honesty and responsibility for ones actions. A rare quality these days among companies and people. I say goodbye to the many members of this forum whom I have learned from and have been helped by. To you all, the best, Dan
  4. All right. Maybe I'm the stupid one here, but I don't understand this. Why are you people wasting hrs. upon hrs. trying to fix a problem that is Kav's reponsibility to take care of? Kav and MS can't come up with a solution yet and you think you will? The problem has not been fixed by anyone yet, just minimized some of the effects. Tell me if I'm wrong? And yes, this problem has effected me too!
  5. I agree also. It's sad too. Been using KIS6 and now 7 and I have to say it's the best I've ever used. But, if this is causing long term problems it will have to go. I will be watching this issue to see what comes of it. I would like to see Kav more responsive to these possible problems also. If they continue to remain silent to the requests they have received and do not address the issue, their silence could be construed as a sign of guilt.
  6. Sorry I didn't get back sooner but I never received the e-mail stating there was a reply. Roughly 40,000 files. No errors but the time involved seems quite long. Any opinions? Thanks.
  7. How long did it take you to run the chkdsk? Ran one yesterday. Took an hr. and 13 minutes for a little over 14GB. No errors though.
  8. Maybe not a major issue but the fact remains some users are having problems. It would be nice to find the answer as to what is causing the problem these people are seeing.
  9. Quit Spysweeper along time ago due to a renewal of my license issue with them. Been using SuperAntiSpyware Pro. Runs great with KIS. No problems what so ever. I think KIS is very effective by itself and even though I have the pro version of SAS, I just run an occasional scan with it. Don't feel the need to have it running all the time.
  10. Auto update has been working fine with the MP2 install. No problems so far.
  11. Downloaded, up and running on a clean install. Old habits die hard! Have everything configured and did a full scan. No problems, running Great! I have to agree with Don, it does seem to be running smoother.
  12. Thanks for the info explaining your traditions. I like what you say! Have a Very Happy New Year!
  13. Thanks Don and the same to you! Happy Holidays to all and a great, healthy and prosperous New Year!
  14. It sounds like you are quite upset. Step back and relax a bit. Realistically, a mishap does not make a product unreliable. No software is 100%. Just take a look at IE6 and IE7. Thanks to Igor it took a second to delete the file and do the update. No time involved. These forums are always here to help, by very knowledgeable people, and KAV always works hard to fix any problems, very fast. Think about it, you could not have a better product!
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