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  1. The option Run missed tasks is already unchecked and it has not been checked since creating the task. Some time earlier, I tried to create a new task, with Run missed tasks checked, but my problem still occured.
  2. OK, I'll be waiting for your response. Sorry for, so-called, bumping it up, but I just wanted to know if are there any new informations.
  3. Hello Have the traces been any helpful? Is there any hope for me to repair with your help that task?
  4. I have sent the traces to you via a PM. I have decided to let the tracing run for a little bit longer, so you could be sure, that I'm correct, telling you that the task doesn't start as planned after the first occurence. As before, the timing: Turn on tracing: 15:30 - 15:31 Task scheduled time: 15:45, and every 1 hour after that time First start time: 15:45:01 First finish time: 15:51:56 Second planned start time: 16:45 (did not occur, just nothing happened) Third planned start time: 17:45 (just like before) Fourth planned start time: 18:45 (just like before) Turn off tracing: 19:12 I let it collect traces in time needed for four possible occurences, from which only the first one (like before), occured, but the second, third and fourth did not. I know, the logs might be a bit huge after such a long period of time, but I thought that the more data you receive, the easier you can find the answer. I'm very sorry, but the option of exporting the task (All tasks --> Export) is greyed out. I checked on how to do that in the manual, but it says, that: "Administration Server tasks and local tasks are not available for export" (page 69 of Administrator guide). So, if you know where to look for the file of that task - let me know, and I'll look for it.
  5. It does work, indeed, but as I initially wrote - only when I start it, clicking Start button, or, after scheduling, but only for the first time. To be more precise - look at the example: I schedule the task for starting every 1 hour, beginning, for example, at 21:00. Server, indeed, starts it, but only once, at 21:00. After an hour, at 22:00, the task should be started again, but it is not being started, nor it is at 23:00 and so on. This is the problem, because it should start automatically, and it doesn't.
  6. OK, done and sent to you via PM. I attach the task history to that post, because I have forgotten to include it in the PM. As before, the timing was: Turning tracing on: 09:48:01 - 20 The time of scheduled task start: 09:50:00 Task started: 09:50:01 Task finished: 09:55:02 Turning tracing off: 10:11:30 - 10:12:00 I have noticed, that there also frequently occurs an error (and it did occur also when I was using KSC 9), named in the task history: Error verifying file signature 'http://dnl-14.geo.kaspersky.com/bases/wmuf/wmuf0000.dat' - usually that causes a major error on workstations with KES 8, that shows after updating, that databases are corrupted, so I have to go there, change settings from updating from our server to updating from your servers and then execute an update, which corrects the corruption - how to avoid such corruption issues in the future? History.txt
  7. I have collected the logs, zipped them, and sent to you via PM. Time of scheduling the task: 20:54:17 Time of starting logging: 20:58:01 - 03. Time of starting the task: 21:00:01 Time of competing the task: 21:03:33 Time of stopping logging: 22:13 I have been waiting for so long to stop the logging, because I wanted the logs to show the moment, when the next start of task should occur and (as I thought) when the server still didn't run the task as scheduled. Task should be started again at 22:00, which didn't happen. I couldn't find files $up2date-KLSCU.log and $klnacserver-1093.log - but there were other files, like $klactprx-1093.log, $klakupd.log, $klfc-1093.log and $klFILECAT-eka-1093.log. Everyone have been attached to the PM sent to you. If you were interested - I have also submitted a ticket to KL helpdesk this morning, concerning that topic.
  8. Have the logs been any helpful, do you need anything to be posted more about that issue? Or would it be better to contact Kaspersky Helpdesk in order to have it repaired? Sorry for this form of 'bumping', but it really is a unnerving issue, as I have to connect to server every day to manually click Start in order for databases to update...
  9. Here it is (if you meant the log from Windows Event Viewer): https://www.dropbox.com/s/q82ijvdn5l9lobe/Kaspersky.evtx
  10. Hello, I've just upgraded to Kaspersky Security Center 10 from KSC 9. In version 9, I had a task, performed automatically every hour, that checked with Kaspersky Lab servers for update availability and after a successful update downloading on the server machine, it triggered the task of automatic update on client computers, which then downloaded databases from server machine. It worked just great. Now, that task just doesn't work, despite the server being powered on all the time and having Internet access. In the Event log of the task, I can see, that it starts only when I manually click Start button, not on its own, every hour, like it's supposed to. I deleted it, created a new one - but to no avail, still doesn't run itself. Another thing - have you removed the functionality to start a client update task after updating server's repository? When I first opened the client task, and opened the Schedule tab, KSC displayed an error message, telling me, that the schedule is unknown. What can I do to restore the previous functionality of KSC? I can't sit in front of computer and click Start all the time...
  11. I know that, but what I am asking is if I do need to update agents on the other computers or will they work without updating?
  12. I am writing to make sure - after installing KSC 10 on Server, do I have to update network agents to version 10 also, or can I stay with agents in version 9?
  13. OK, so we will have to migrate. But that leaves two of our questions - can it cause our other MSSQL instances (other than KSC one) to have some malfunction, or is it a complete riskless process? And - will I have to update network agents on every computer? Article under the link doesn't answer my questions...
  14. Then how do I install it? When I run setup.exe I see popup telling me to upgrade Kaspersky Network Agent and KSC to 10 and then installation ends...
  15. Hello, We are using on our main server (used to host website with online MSSQL catalogue of books and as a host of Kaspersky Security Center) Windows Server 2012. When we have bought Kaspersky license, there was no version of KES for Windows 8 / Server 2012, so we have installed a Kingston Free AV. Now, I see, that KES 10 (supporting Server 2012) was released, so I wanted to uninstall KAV 2012 and install KES 10 instead. However, I've got a major problem with that. Is it possible to somehow install KES 10 on Server 2012 (where there is installed KSC 9), without upgrading KSC? I don't have to connect KSC with KES 10, I can manage it alone. If such thing is impossible - can the upgrade process from KSC 9 to KSC 10 mess with our other SQL instances (one of two is crucial for our work and MUST be untouched)? And, with the upgrade of KSC from 9 to 10, do we have to upgrade Kaspersky Network Agents already present on our client computers too, or will the current agents work with KSC 10? I'd be thankful for some help with that...
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