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  1. I have KIS running under Win 10. One of my Virgin Media email addresses has started to receive phishing emails. I received a number of emails today, allegedly from eBay. As I don't have an eBay account this is a sure sign that they're phishing attacks and they went straight into the bin. However, as Virgin Media seems unable to detect them I was wondering if there's anything in KIS that I could use to protect myself against them?
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I think it's time for me to contact Kaspersky support. Since I first posted I've been looking at the WhoCrashed reports which all point to a Kaspersky driver being the problem. Also, on each occasion, when my PC reboots after the BSOD I get a Kaspersky error message. It all seems reasonable prima facie evidence that Kaspersky is causing the BSODs. I shall see what happens.
  3. I have KIS 2018 running under Windows 10. On each of the past 2 days I have had a BSOD with the error message KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. Investigation using WhoCrashed suggests that a Kaspersky program file was responsible. Obviously, the easiest way of checking this is to switch off KIS temporarily. At the same time I will still need some protection which, in my case, means Windows Defender. My questions are therefore: 1) How do I temporarily switch off KIS. By this I mean switch it off so that it doesn't automatically restart when I reboot my PC. 2) How do I then switch on Windows Defender? 3) How do I switch KIS on again and Windows Defender off when I need to.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it does not really address my question. There are 2 reasons why I do not wish to pay the extra £14. 1) You may feel that £14 is a mere bagatelle, easily ignored. I'm afraid that I don't. 2) There are too many companies, and I am afraid that Kaspersky appears to be one of them, that treat regular customers as gullible cash cows who can be milked with impunity. I feel seriously annoyed that, despite having been a loyal customer with Kaspersky for 4 or 5 years, I am treated simply as a person from whom it is fair game to extract the maximum amount of money; that Kaspersky do not feel any neeed to treat regular customers as fairly as new customers. If this is considered good business practice then all I can say is that it is good customer practice to find the cheapest supplier. Your last suggestion - the link to the auto-renewal service - is what I specifically said that I did not wish to use because I would have to pay £34. Anyway, perhaps I did not express myself too clearly. I shall try again, but with more detail. 1) At the moment I am nearing the end of my current 1 year subscription and auto-renewal would cost me £34. 2) If I go to the online store operated by ComputerActive, a well-known UK computer magazine, I can buy a download of a genuine copy of Kaspersky KIS 2018 for £19.99. As far as I can see this will be exactly the same as a download directly from Kaspersky. 3) I assume that this download from ComputerActive comes with an Kaspersky licence number - I haven't actually checked this with ComputerActive, but I can't see how they won't supply a licence number. 4) There are now 2 possibilities. A) Download KIS 2018 from ComputerActive, follow the Kaspersky directions for uninstalling the current installed version of KIS and then install the downloaded KIS from CompterActive and activate it with any licence number supplied. B ) Download KIS 2018 from ComputerActive, leave my current version of KIS installed and simply re-activate it using the downloaded licence from ComputerActive in the Kaspersky app or on My Kaspersky. 5) Obviously I would prefer the simpler B ) above but I'm prepared to use A ) if necessary. I would be grateful for any further information on carrying out the above, especially on the need, or not the need, to uninstall the current version.
  5. I've just received the annual renewal email advising me that my yearly subscription would soon run out. After making sure that automatic renewal (which had mysteriously reappeared) was cancelled, I started looking around. The price quoted by Kaspersky for 1 year for 1 PC is £34 but you can easily find it available for £20 - and I'm talking about reputable companies, not piracy. Any, after buying a new download what is the best way to proceed? Do I have to go through the hassle of first uninstalling my current version and then installing the new version or can I just enter the licence number from the new download into My Kaspersky?
  6. @harlan4096. I'm afraid that your link relates to Win 8. I have Win 7. @D-Auto-Resolved-D. I am well aware of the points you are making. However, my unanswered questions are very specific ones. In Safe Money Settings, under Additional, there is a check box that says: Notify about operating system vulnerabilities. If this check box is selected, the operating system will be analyzed for vulnerabilities every time a bank or payment system website is opened. If vulnerabilities are detected, you will be corrected to fix them. Now I have left the check box unchecked. The only possible interpretation of the above words is that I will not be prompted to correct them, which is exactly what I wish. So, I am still asking: 1) Why does Kaspersky not do what it says it will do? Do I perhaps need an upgrade? 2) As it was possible to do what I want with my previous version of Kaspersky, why can I not do it with the current version? Is it perhaps some change that Kaspersky has made?
  7. Win 7 Pro 64bit SP1 Firefox 44.0.2 KIS Because of ongoing problems with Win updates there are some that I can't install. As a result when I open Safe Money I get the orange border with the warning about OS updates not installed. At the moment there is absolutely nothing I can do about this so I would like to prevent the orange border from appearing - it is simply a nuisance. With my previous version of KIS there was a setting in Safe Money that would remove the warning border (whose colour I forget). In my current Safe Money settings there is a box for "Notify about about operating system vulnerabilities" that I have unticked. Unfortunately doing this does not prevent the orange border from appearing. So, is there any way of getting rid of the orange border?
  8. I have KIS Ver running under Win Professional x64. Has anyone else had problems with Safe Money clashing with the M&S site in the UK? I was on the UK M&S site a little while ago ordering the Xmas food. All went well until the final payment stage was reached, at which point Safe Money popped up and asked if I wanted to use the Protected Browser or not. I tried with and without it but in each case the M&S system simply stopped. There was no error message or other warning and it wasn't frozen as I could go back; it simply refused to proceed. Fortunately the problem was solved by switching off Safe Money while I made the payment so our Xmas dinner is safe! However, as I asked above, I wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem? edit: (B.) sted cool.gif.
  9. In My Codes in my Kaspersky account I notice that, as well as the activation code, there is something called Key number. What is it? Hovering over it doesn't provide any information.
  10. I have a similar problem. Just over a week ago I upgraded from KIS 2014 to KIS 2015 (Ver when I renewed my subscription. A few days later I found that I could not access USENET posts via the Virgin Media newsgroup server. I have just tried the above solution, that is turning off port monitoring for port 119, and I can now read newsgroup posts. May I echo Argonaut's questions and ask what is happening and are there any dangers in turning off the port 119 monitoring?
  11. Just to say that I have now upgraded to KIS2014 Ver and that Firefox 27 now seems happy with the Safe Money extension. So, many thanks.
  12. Thanks. I've recently been advised to change to KIS2014 so it looks like I should really get a move on with doing so.
  13. I have KIS 2013. I have just upgraded Firefox to Ver 27 and Safe Money is apparently still incompatible with it so it has been disabled. However, when I open my bank site in Safe Money the browser window has a thin, green border around it. I have been led to understand that this green border means that Safe Money is active. I've just checked in Firefox Extensions and Safe Money (Ver is, indeed, marked as disabled. So, what exactly does the green border mean? Is Safe Money disabled? Or is it actually working and Firefox have got it all wrong? Or hasn't it got anything at all to do with whether Safe Money is working. Or what? I must admit to feeling totally confused!
  14. My copy of KIS 13 is due for renewal in a couple of weeks. I've just received a message from Kaspersky offering me a copy of of KIS 14 which would be cheaper than renewing KIS 13. You may think that this is a no brainer but, unfortunately for me, it isn't. When I installed KIS 13 last year it promptly messed up my Firefox, losing me literally hundreds of bookmarks that I had spent years collecting. To be brutally honest, Kaspersky tech support were totally useless in solving this problem. I was just about to abandon Kaspersky when, completely by my own efforts and with no help from Kaspersky, I managed to solve the problem and recover my lost bookmarks. Since then Kasperky has performed satisfactorily (except of course for the perennial problems with Firefox clashing with Kaspersky add-ons, but I can live with those). Although I would like to continue with Kaspersky I am extremely reluctant to install a new version and have a repeat performance of the days of grief I had last year. So, leaving aside the money saving, is there any important reason why I should go for KIS 14?
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