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  1. The part with the additional profiles fit to our environment from the 60 test clients only 15 has the problems. This 15 clients has an .OST file for 5-7GB, and open at least one additional mailbox (typically the sales.... mailbox). We also see that there are a lot of syncronization errors in the outlook sync error folder, and to make it really worst the the conflict folder (inside the sync error folder) has been filled up with messages from the additional Mailbox. These massages has three similarities: they are quite big (10-30MB), they are old (older than month) and they appear again if a user delete the massage from the conflict folder. And this result in filled up all the mailboxes i have deactivated the Mail Anti-Virus component yesterday, and not immediately, just after a restart of the Computer the Outlook respond in a normal way again (i have not test a restart of Outlook only). But this is not the solution for our environment as the policy for the MR3 also take effect on the MR2 versions. So i have started to remove the MR3, and reinstall the MR2 and enable the Mail Anti-Virus component again. I'm just happy that we are not using the Win 10 anniversary update for now the MR3 is not a must have, but i hope that you will find a workaround for this error regards
  2. We have also some Problems with the MR3. As far as we found out, it only effect the Outlook with enabled Cache and access to additional mailboxes. The Problem result in a running circle in the Outlook (affect all versions 2010 - 2016) disabling the mail component wont fix it. Deactivating Kaspersky by the KSC will fix the Outlook lagging immediately.
  3. As the user Goore is not alone with this problem, maybe you can give us a workaround to add some exclusion in the scan policy, as my first try to exclude the microsoft servers was not sucessful, and now ist getting worst because the O356 check the Internet Access Status. And as other suppliers does not have such Problems maybe you should ask them how to solve this, instead of asking us (customers) BR Markus
  4. Same Problem -> INC000004322370 please send me the script also
  5. The problem was the language mismatch. If a KAV version is installed you can only deploy to the same language, this problem exists also with older versions of KAV. After i choose the correct language for the deployment package the upgrade was sucessful. case closed :pray:
  6. Thank you for your update, i'm currently testing in a lab but it seems like there is a problem with the language i will perform more test. Current environment PC's with Win7ger and KAV6.0.4.1424 in ENGLISH and the update task will publish the german version of KAV6.0.4.1611. I will send and update after some test. The installation was started by the Task for specific computers - Deploy task (with the setting "Do not install application if it is already installed"). Is this the setting you talk about? Or does there exist a upgrade task in the KSC? A uninstalled task was not created/performed, because in this needs a restart and until the new version is installed the client is unprotected.
  7. I have tried to upgrade the version to the version by creating a new package in the security center, after the step copying files to computer the client tried to start the installation but it stop with the error message that there is another version installed and the setup cannot continue and i should use the add/remove program icon in the control panel to change or remove the software. Any hints about this
  8. It's annoying that Kaspersky delete this feature. If this setting won't come back i have no idea in which way i caninstall the firewall feature on such power users computers like administrators or developer. So for the moment my decision is stay on the version 6 or power off the KAV firewall in the version 9.
  9. I have upgraded the Adminkit8 to the Kaspersky Security Center 9, a new Protection policy for the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 is created, and a lot of settings are also mirgrated. But the formerly named Trusted zone is not migrated. As also the naming of the export/import files are changed from .xml to .dat the only solution is to export. But is this the correct way to restore those settings? Br Markus
  10. Das Kaspersky Security Center = Nachfolger des Admin Kits steht zum download bereit. Wegen der Neuerungen...der wichtigste Punkt ist dass man nun Gruppen exkludieren kann. Dies ist auch notwendig da es zukünftig nur mehr einen Virenscanner für Clients und Server gibt, und man diese vielleicht unterschiedlich mit updates versorgen will.
  11. What is the difference between the adminkit 8.0.2134 full and the lite Version. If i currently have the 8.0.2090 which version should i take to upgrade?
  12. During the installation of the Network Agent(8.0.2048) remotly from the Admin kit 8.0.2048 on a Xenapp 5 based on Windows 2008 x32 SP1, the install process hangs at 32% (Installation service stated on computer, now waiting for results...) On the Xenapp Server there is a popup with the interactive message. Bei einem Gerät oder Programm ist Ihr Eingreifen erforderlich. Gerät/Anwendung: C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTAL~1\Driver\7\INTEL3~1\IDriver.exe Nachrichtentitel: klnagent. By clicking show message the an error window apear with the content (in title) klnagent (in text) Service operation failed. Error code: 2. The system cannot find the specified file. After clicking ok the service KAV_Inst_Agent$d522df2d-8836-42c9-bb90-c2d86ed2b135 point to the file "C:\Windows\Temp\KAV Remote Installations\d522df2d-8836-42c9-bb90-c2d86ed2b135\AVPDTAgt.exe" is almost runnung. And the service Kaspersky Lab Network Agent has no entry for the file path and cannot startet.
  13. Hi i have some strange symtoms with the send to function in the explorer After the installation of KAV 6.x the explorer crash if i try to use the send to entry in the explorer (right mouse button on a file, send to, email). This Problem only occour if you have office 2000 or office XP connected to an Exchange server. The email is still deliverd but if you are back on the opened explorer window there is no response, so the only way out is to kill the explorer task and restart the explorer.exe again. Is there anyone else outside who has the same symptom, because maybe there is a misconfiguration in my domain or Adminkit? thanks for your response Markus
  14. The only solution is that you don't install the Mail-Anti-Virus component. It won't help if you install the Mail-Anti-Virus part and deactivate it, the error still exist. This problem also exist in the version So i have now a new product and had to deactivate all the scanning features. Meanwhile i regret the change to KAV.
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