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  1. If you still have workstations with 8 on them, then yes. Sorry I was under the impression you had upgraded them to 10.
  2. The patches are only for KES 8, not version 10 that you just upgraded to.
  3. I really am tired of the issues with this product. I can't wait to get off of it in a few months. What a nightmare.
  4. Having the same issue here. It seems to be a recent development with KES 10 so my guess is that, as others have mentioned, it has to be a database update causing it.
  5. No. I did not have that box selected. Does it need to be in order to do the silent installation?
  6. This is not happening on the KES 8 workstations. It is happening on the KES 10 workstations.
  7. I have a thread on here about the same issue. I haven't gotten a response yet for how to correct the remote deployment issue. They did give me a link for altering the setup.ini file for inidividual deployments, but that isn't what I want to do.
  8. That doesn't fix the issue with the remote deployment via the security console. I'm not looking to do individual installations.
  9. I've been using KSC and doing group deployments. Not sure if the setup-ini is used in the same way for those. I never had to alter any of these settings previously, so I am unsure as to why I need to now. I spent a long time on with support about this and they never referenced this article to me. They said it was an issue there wasn't a fix for yet that many people were experiencing.
  10. Unfortunately the Force Sync doesn't do anything. It's really irritating because it makes it difficult to visually go in and see what computers are legitimately having issues. I'm tired of putting work arounds in place...it seems like the answer for everything is to do a temporary work around and then they never follow up with a fix for the actual issue.
  11. Is anyone else have the error with new KSC and KES where clients are showing up as being in a critical state due to not being scanned for a long time? I even tried to disable this setting in the policy, but it still hasn't impacted the clients showing as critical. As a test, I ran a scan on one of the computers exhibiting the behavior. Even after the scan, this error still shows. I think it has to do with KSC 10 rather than the new KES agent, since it is happening on computers that haven't had KES upgraded yet. Anyone else seeing this? Seem to be more bugs than anticipated. I'm also not able to go into computer management and start the services anymore, a lot of installs are showing as failed and then appearing as successful, and users are being prompted to interact with the setup on reboot (which wasn't the case before). Will probably be evaluating other products sometime soon, as we've only had this for about 6 months and it's been a management nightmare for us.
  12. Just noticed this problem. I'm interested in finding a solution as well. I don't remember having to do it with version 8.
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