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  1. 30 minutes ago we fixed the problem via AV databases update. Now it's not necessary to use MdbFix.exe tool.
  2. We are going to make automatic removal of 0-bytes system.mdb files by AV update. It's going to be available in next 8 hours (we should test this code very carefully and if any issue appear testing procedure will be extended). After that customers don't need to run any utilities. We'll keep you posted.
  3. We've created and tested the utility to rename zero system.mdb file - it will be published very soon by our support engineers. Please, do not change system registry - it's much more dangerous way. On behalf of KL dev team I want to apologies once again. We have a lot of test cases and test procedures for updatable modules but the following specific case wasn't covered. We will improve our test procedures learning this lesson but also believe it's important to explain the reason of the issue and be transparent for our customers. The reason of the issue is the following: 1) yesterday we updated "system watcher" protection module of Kaspersky security products, 2) this module analyses behavior of the running application in the system to proactively detect new malware, 3) but because this detection is at-runtime, not at-startup some files and registry keys can be already modified/deleted at the moment of detection, 4) this is why system watcher makes backup copies of files/keys before modification by unknown applications run in the system. The real issue: 5) unfortunately, there was a bug in this functionality related to a rare case when an application tries to open file for writing which does not exist. System watcher makes a backup copy of this non-existing file but opens file for reading with mistaken attributes (OPEN_ALWAYS instead of OPEN_EXISTING) - this results in creating a new file with 0 bytes size. 6) MS JET (at least 3.5 and 4.0) tries to read SystemDB file and if it simply doesn't exist - continue its work. But if the file exists with unexpected internal structure - JET stops working with an exception (it's not a right behavior but JET is older than Windows XP).
  4. No, this utility is going to be deployed by Kaspesky Security Center (or even by MS Active Directory). Preliminary, this also can be done by scripting. The detailed instruction will be available in 15-30 minutes. Sorry again for the issue..
  5. The problem databases were rolled back on all update servers. Unfortunately, if system.mdb (0 bytes) exists on the system - it was created by our Kaspersky AV and should be deleted. It can be safely deleted manually (but only if it's 0 bytes size!). Our engineers are working on the standalone utility to scan and delete the file automatically from affected PCs.
  6. Hello, we really sorry for this issue. We are doing rollback of problem updates now. Our developers are testing if any manual actions are necessary after old bases will appear on user PCs. We hope no manual actions are required. Will confirm/update in next 30 minutes.
  7. Коллеги, понимая временные ограничения перед НГ, мы стараемся выпустить MR1 не позднее 5 декабря. Ни о каких январских праздниках и марте 2014 мы даже не думаем. Единственное, что может повлиять на дату - фатальные ошибка за день-два до релиза, поэтому ваш фитбек на бета сборку MR1 нам крайне нужен.
  8. файл правил сетевого экрана в 7.0 обновляемый, файл _всех_ настроек hips'а в 8.0 также обновляемый.
  9. Перешлите ещё раз с описание произошедшего, думаю на этот раз вердикт изменится
  10. Ну и способ ... а как бы Вы хотели это видеть в 8.0?
  11. We've published an article about CHKDSK issue in our support Knowledge base - http://support.kaspersky.com/kav7/error?qid=208279501
  12. And to prevent another speculation about AOL and AVS I want to state that there is no relationship between switching AOL to McAffee and "chkdsk issue". This is absolutely non-technical decision.
  13. Have you tried to run CHKDSK using some combination of the /C and /I switches?
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