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  1. Yeah. I know I never had anything serious. Riskware is probably some remote admin tools..
  2. Ok, maybe I'm a complete moron, but how do I find what Kaspersky found according to the Protection Status counters? I've gone through the report and detected threats but can't seem to find anything but one catch of the Eicar (test) virus. My counters show 3 Virus, 7 Riskware catches, and 2 vulnerability catches.
  3. Thanks Rich, I was trying to find something on it. I certainly understand the point, but I always thought "Allow Always" only allowed that particular category of action to be taken. So, for example, I can have an app that always accesses the Internet, but not necessarily allowed to make System Startup changes, and vice versa, etc. it looks like the underlying idea still exists, i.e. I can drill down and modify the rules for an app. Just nice to have when it pops up. I almost like the idea of the Firewall pop-up, with a check box to always allow forever. *shrug*.
  4. So I've upgraded to KIS 2010 and I'm kind of wondering where the Allow Always, as opposed to Make Trusted/Allow Now, option went. Seems like Make Trusted so we don't get nagged would be a bad idea. PS I tried searching but not really bringing up anything
  5. Sorry about that. It's that it's notifying me that its blocking access, I originally chose block and checked "Apply to all future actions", to a file when a process (like Explorer) tries to access it and I'm wondering how do I reverse that decision (the apply to all future actions). I can manually delete the file or add it to exclusion list but I really want it just to ask what to do again so I can choose at the time I access it. I believe in this case its a false positive but do not want to add it exclusion just yet.
  6. So I chose to apply a rule but how do I disable that rule so Kaspersky will prompt for action? I feel like an idiot, I know its probably staring me in the face but I can't find it.
  7. I should have mentioned that I've had KIS8 since it was "Officially" out so this was definitely done after installation. I'm guessing an update changed its status since again, UPHC has been on my PC for over a year. And yes, it has stayed in Trusted.
  8. I have Windows XP (32-bit). I disabled UPHC since I don't need it anymore, I'm just wondering why it was put in that group.
  9. I don't know when this happened, this tool was installed prior to KIS8 being installed, but it certainly wasn't this way a month ago. Anyways, this service was put into the Untrusted Group, certainly not by me. Any reason why? Is this due to some conflict. I remember a few times on some slow shutdowns that UPH logs that it can't unload the registry due to a Kaspersky process.
  10. I changed the entire group to Prompt from the main screen (ie I didn't go into it and say prompt for read,write,modify,etc). I assumed, since there is a mix mode, that when I say prompt, it will prompt for each action, ie if it was to read, write, modify. When I got the alert, it said so-and-so process was attempting to Read... and I said allow always. I mean its entirely possible I mis-read something when it prompted, lol still trying to figure out the Log. I don't mind the tray icon, I use it every once in awhile, when I'm using VMware, I just don't need it to startup.
  11. If an application is in the Trusted Module, when KIS asks if I want to grant a program permission to Read the Start-Up group Reg entries why does it grant it rights to modify the registry keys too? Is it the nature of that group? In particular, I had this issue with the VMware Tray process. I don't let any part of VMware start-up until I need it so I use KIS to help control VMware.
  12. LoL, reading it back I sort of confused myself. First, I have two PCs (Desktop and a Laptop) that I want to protect. My Desktop has a license that is still good for 1 more year, and my laptop is going to expire in 13 days. I guess its a two parter, my first question really should be does the current USA's Online store licensing model (1-3PCs), apply to people who bought a license back when the lowest option was a license for 1 PC? If not, can I renew/convert my Desktop's "1" PC license over to the "3 PC" license without being completely screwed? I have a choice, maintain two separate KIS licenses, ie just renew my laptop's license, for a higher cost than just maintaining one KIS license or buying a brand new license and losing the year remaining on my Desktop license.
  13. So I purchased a 2 year license for KIS for my desktop before the license was changed to 1-3 PCs... A short while later I received a 1 year license for my laptop (again, before the change to 1-3 PCs). My laptop is about to expire and I would like to just extend my Desktop license out another 2 years, since its simpler, the fact I received my laptop license from another person (it was transferred out properly through Kaspersky's site), and the fact is if I renew my laptop now, I'll have 2 extra licenses for at least 2 years and nothing to put it on. So is consolidating my licenses possible? Or can I use my Desktop license on my laptop and be legit even if I bought my desktop license under the old licensing scheme? I may have to just get those cheapo licenses from Amazon or Frys but I'd rather just do it this way.
  14. I have VMware too, but all services and all drivers related to VMware, and I mean ALL, are set to manual/demand. I have a batch file that starts them up when I need to use VMware Workstation. I don't have time to test if disabling Keylogging helps the issue (I also have Synaptics in the trusted Zone/Exclusion... and Vmware). Gotta head to work. HOpefully this gets resolved quickly.
  15. OMG, I'm getting this too. i thought it was a problem with my hard drive because I got a Disk0 not found error message when I restarted yesterday after the update (probably a BIOS error or the drive was loose). I've been running diagnostics on the HD and memory/CPU all through the night with nothing found... I have a Thinkpad with a Synaptics Touchpad/Trackpoint.
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