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  1. So its been about 6 months since my original post and the latest version of KRD v10 still has the same issue. The Rescue Disk is basically useless on most Windows 7 (maybe 8) machines as the update cannot be performed. The update files are download to the first partition on the system, which is usually the 100MB partition created by Win7 during install. Just repaired a laptop last week which actually had a 300MB recovery partition and it still ren out of space... The update process needs to have an option to choose location, or needs to check the save location for available space and offer to download the updates to a different location. In fact it needs to be installed to a HDD with at least 1GB of free space.
  2. Hi, Trying to disinfect my own machine today using KRD 10 latest version. I have been successful in the past on WinXP machine but this is the first Win7 one. KRD has a problem with windows 7 and updating. KRD stores the update files on the Windows 7 Recovery Partition while updating. The problem is, by default Windows 7 recovery partition is only 100MB in size, and about 40MB is in use. 60MB is not enough for KRD to update, and the update process fails with "malfunction error", which is basically because it runs out of room to store the update files. This is not a problem on WinXP machines as KRD chooses the C: drive partition on those which is the windows drive and therefore has well over 100MB free. This is a MAJOR flaw as without the updates KRD cannot start (says the database is corrupt). Fix would be to put the KRD files (updates) on a larger partition via a free space check, or give the user an option. Yapa
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