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  1. Is there anyway to get it straight ,,,Please help
  2. I am unable to open the KSC 10 as it complains of the local server not available. After restarting the Kaspersky administration services it opens but gets hung once I start making changes on the policies. all the tasks are in the running mode while as they should have been running as per their own schedules. arp.exe is taking most of the resources and throttling the network. I am attaching the screen shot of the task manager. I am attaching a write up from the end user as well ******************************************************************************** ******************** We are having serious network problems that have been created by the upgrade to Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows. Our network is extremely slow for both staff and students. This has been realised by all computer users. The biggest impact has been seen in Lab 5 where they run the Accpac accounting package for practice and exam assessments. Below is the scenario of which I have proof after troubleshooting: a) It used to take about 3-5 minutes to load a database in Accpac with Kaspersky version 9. Students dump a database into their memory sticks when they leave the lab and then load it the next time they come to the lab. This makes sure that they are always using their own database and avoids it overwritten by other users. After installation of version 10 this process of loading takes 40– 60minutes. You can imagine that in a 2 hour class the first hour is spent on loading which makes teaching virtually impossible. c) I removed Kaspersky completely from the computer and the process takes only 5 minutes. This issue was not there with Kaspersky version 9 and only came about with the upgrade to 10. Even my computer with 4GB of RAM has become slow. Other staff are experiencing slow applications including Office applications, email and just general startup and shutdowns. Computers are also freezing at times. This is a serious issue that I have to report the cause to Management and I need you guys to come and attend to it urgently as its serious and affects all the computers in the institution. Computerised exams cannot be written because of this issue. I do not expect to see a heavy network degradation/ PC performance from an antivirus upgrade. The antivirus server has no free space in drive C: because of 16GB work of disk space of Kaspersky log files. I have long reported this issue. We are even failing to install Kaspersky on new machines as it comes with a server connection error. ******************************************************************************** ************************ I would appreciate your assistance on the this. The user base is 270 seats.
  3. Attention Kaspersky, Since the time I have upgraded to KSC 10 all Machines in the network have slowed down. Network gets choked. The Server that is holding KSC 10 console is always high utilization of Memory and CPU. Can anyone advise how to workout this problem. It looks to me that Kaspersky moving forward creates more problems rather than enhancements. I require a workout on my problem..
  4. what I meant is with reference to actual deployment and not the product as such. In short I have a site with 260 Clients running Ver 8.0 and KSC 9.0. They ahve upgraded and bought total space. I need to perform the upgrade. Please advise Step by step instructions together with deploying new licenses as the old one are expired.
  5. Pls advise step by step upgrade from KSC enterprise version to Total Space without losing any configuration and databse. Also how to upgrade the existing licenses with the new version licenses
  6. I want to configure Web protection policy through Security console. Want to block all social sites for a group that is part of active directory. Advise steps
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