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  1. Hello everyone i've got to kaspersky security center this is master and slave. in slave server i've got some groups and little computer inside them the issue is when i'm wanna move them to another group, right click on them select cut and in another group select Paste is show moving dialog box but there's nothing happen and they are still at the same place. and if i delete them from group they're coming back after a while. there is no rule set for automatic moving computers to this group ... is someone have this prob ??
  2. thanks , i immediately check this tommorow and write down the answer i'll get. so don't you think it's about virus ,like KIDO? or it's about some configuration and conflicts ?
  3. could you explain what's the file doing ,and where can i find that ?
  4. hello everyone i have a problem in my network that is some client after a while suddenly disconnect with file server and don't have any receive packets on their NIC . we install on all of them kaspersky enterprise edition but it's still happen on some of them. so do you think it's about Virus or something like that or hardware malfunchtion?? my guess is about Kido don't you think?
  5. hi everyone i have a domain network with 100 clients all of them join the domail but some clients suddenly disconnect with server and don't have any receive packet on the lan card for example one of the clients disconnected with server and didn't access to the file server ,even i tried to get automatic ip from DHCP Server seems it's all disconnected cause the ip address is not valid in domain.
  6. Yes,absolutly...There is a Isa server as a gateway.is it the problem?
  7. hi , It's the same as Clients seems , the admin kit updated but everytime i look at the time of update it's outdated, it shows this date 14/02/2012
  8. sorry pal what do you mean attach ? could you explain more where i should attach it ? and i checked that folder could you specify what the exact name is ? thx alot
  9. sorry pal ...can not find any key such this code {6641E82C-4814-4E5A-BB1A-A9C2F38F627D} is there any idea ?
  10. hello everyone i have a domain network with 25 clients and 3 servers based on microsoft os ... the services i'm using in my org include these : 1:the first server act as a AD DC And kind of Application server 2:the second is AD Additional and kaspersky administration kit 8.0 and access to the internet through proxy server 3:the last one is Gateway and installed ISA Server 2006 for prevent Threat the problem is everytime kaspersky administration kit download the update files to the repository and deploy them to the clients the KAV Represent the update is outdated and when i check it on Admin kit it's the same.... can anyone know what the problem is ?
  11. hello everyone i recently install kaspersky security center 9 for my organization but there is something wrong,i install netagent 9 and kaspersky endpoint security 8 on all the system except some ,the error i've given everytime i try to install is "kaspersky endpoint security 8 for windows is not compatible with the network agent lower than 9.0 and kaspersky security center administration server lower than 9.0" ... i don't know really how to fix it ? Any Solution???????
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