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  1. Attached now. Helps if i click the upload button ;-) Kaspersky end point 8 and security centre version 9
  2. The policy has vulnerability locked and its not enabled. I've attached a example screen shot of what my users are seeing. Thanks
  3. Vulnerability monitor pops up with a progress bar, How do I stop it showing up? I don't want my users to see this as it results in users calling the help-desk when there is no need, we can run reports to see the vulnerabilities. Thanks
  4. Im upgrading SQL server SQL server express 2008 to SQL server expres R2 2008. Will this cause any problems with Kasperksy security centre ?
  5. Thanks, it took a while for it to recognize/detect the machine and retrieve management information. Thanks
  6. Kaspersky is installed on our client named "Laptop411" and all appears to be working fine, the virus definition is up to date and has the correct settings. However, the machine is not displaying the correct machine name in the security centre. It shows as "Laptop411~2483" and shows that the agent and end point is NOT installed. We dont have any management information regarding this laptop. Any ideas how i can resolve this?
  7. I need to add another user to receive event notifications. I've checked events notification ( properties of the endpoint policy -> events -> properties of "disifenction impossible" -> settings) and its says "Use administration Server settings" but i cant find "administration Server settings" to add a email address? Any ideas?
  8. I want to install Kaspersky on a Windows 2008 sbs server. I've been advised to install the enterprise edition. Is there any advise people can give me for the policy settings? Windows SBS contains Exchange 2007 and SharePoint. Its also our file server. Any recommendations Welcome, thanks
  9. I've received the following email: "Event Probably infected object detected happened on computer Client00381 in the domain Domain on 04 September 2012 09:06:24 (GMT+00:00) Detected" Whats been infected? I've looked at the events for the computer in Kaspersky Endpoint Security and no further details are provided.
  10. Hi One of our machines has reported a Trojan on our laptops. Can you tell me if this is a issue or not? Or how to investigate it further. Thanks, your help is appreciated. Event type: Blocked Application\Name: iexplore.exe Application\Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\ Application\Process ID: 6828 Application\Options: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" SCODEF:3820 CREDAT:268545 Component: Web Anti-Virus Result\Description: Blocked Result\Type: Trojan program Result\Name: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic Result\Threat: High Result\Precision: Possibly Thanks
  11. The message is from file antivirus. What is the C:\$extend folder? is it a special folder? The message appeared on a windows 2008 R2 server. Thanks
  12. Kaspersky reported the error below, what does it mean? should i be worried? 08/06/12 12:53:36 Processing error Host Process for Windows Services Processing error C:\$Extend\$ObjId:$O:$INDEX_ALLOCATION Read error
  13. Thanks for your reply :-) I just want to make sure I understand you correctly so i will repeat in my own words: - I should exclude domain controller IP from network attack blocker to prevent client not being able to log on. All our clients have antivirus. We are a company of 50 desktop users so not a lot.
  14. Should we enable the network attack blocker on a server? If so any recommended advise on the settings. Thanks
  15. What is the advantage of mail antivirus if it will be scanned by file antivirus anyway? Thanks
  16. I've installed the new version and it sill takes 51 to load with Kaspersky loaded but all components disabled. Any other ideas?
  17. I have also disabled all components (e.g. file anti-virus, system watcher, firewall....) in Kaspersky and it still takes 51 seconds to load.
  18. We have an old manufacturing application which runs slow after Kaspersky is installed. When Kaspersky is active the application takes 51 seconds to load and when Kaspersky is exited (either from prevented from loading in the first place or right click exit from the notification area) it takes 8 seconds. I have also disabled all components (e.g. file anti-virus, system watcher, firewall....) in Kaspersky and it still takes 51 seconds to load. In the Exclusion rules tab, I already have “include any sub” folder for all selections for where the applications will run. See below: Added/changed: C:\windows\dwrcs\* with * \\Matrix_server\* C:\ImpactLocalSettings\* i:\* (This is the impact mapped network drive so I want this excluded) In the trusted Applications tab, "\\Matrix_server\impact\91c\bin\prowin32.exe" (This is the executable for impact - note: this application does start from a network location) Any ideas on helping me fix or even diagnose where the slowness is coming from?
  19. Can i disable Device Control/System Watcher deadlock and stop the freezing occurring.
  20. Security centre and network agent is 9.2.69 Kaspersky Endpoint Security Clean installs.
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