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  1. Does Kaspersky have an official position on the below link. I like the product very much but am getting pressure from above to change because the federal govt. will no longer use Kaspersky.Thanks http://www.governing.com/topics/mgmt/gov-local-governments-cybersecurity-kaspersky-russia.html
  2. Should Kaspersky be stopping adware Searchscopes. We have a lot of machines getting this adware installed. I have our policy checking for adware. Is there a way to prevent this. Thanks John
  3. I thought CF2 was going to install thru update application modules during update task. So I have to uninstall reboot and install new version on 1400 machines ?Thanks
  4. I was told it would be fixed in the next relase 10.0 . I guess not
  5. hello, kaspersky Antivirus 8.0 for windows server Ent Edition Critical Fix 1 I get the below error on all my servers (80) the dll always changes in the error but it is constant.Thanks Event Category: Protection Event ID: 6035 Date: 11/19/2012 Time: 7:08:10 AM User: N/A Computer: SOMCTY55 Description: Object processing error. Object name: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\KAV for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition\8.0\Bases\Current\avpcure.kdl. Object type: N/A. Reason: I/O error. Task name: Real-time file protection. User name: SOMERSET\SOMCTY55$. Computer name: localhost. Process: kavfs.exe. PID: 2408.
  6. Do you have this box checked in your update task
  7. Thanks for the reply but the problem we are having I have to add to the trusted applications but the folder on the machines change everytime you connect remotely for ex. the directory is bomgar-scc-12334567 the number part of directory changes with each connection. Thanks
  8. Hello, We use Bomgar for remote support to take control of remote systems. We cannot do anything with the Kaspersky client when using this software. I now we have to add Bomgar RDP application into Trusted Applications and check “Allow interaction with application interface but the problem I have is everytin=me you use Bomgar it makes a new directory with a different name each time. Is there any way in Trusted applications to use a wildcard when defining trusted app. I have experimented but no luck yet. I am using Security Center 9.Thanks
  9. I only did it to a handful of computers and it worked on all of them.I did not try to do it to all of my machines as I have 1600. Kaspersky said a patch would be released in June but I can see that has not happened ( what a surprise :b_lol1: )
  10. Hello, I have just deployed KES 8.1 to 1100 computers (300 to go) with Security Center. I have 5 remote sites and have boken up my main site into 5 groups.All my sites and groups have between 100 and 200 computers. I was wondering what are the best pratices for scan tasks and update tasks are ? How often should I do a full scan ? How often to do updates etc ? Thanks
  11. Yes i have that set to 10 days and to rescan but as you can see from my screenshot i have things in there dating back to April thanks
  12. I have HP machines and are experincing some of the same issues. Is there something with HP machines? Thanks
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