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  1. hello. I have read the system requirements for KIS. (I have been using KIS past some years on my desktop very well) so I decided to try it on my newly possessed Dell Latitude 630 laptop too. but it doesn't work smoothly on this!! no problems or crashes, but an overall lag/slow.. its a fresh install immediately after new clean installation of OS.. specifications : core2duo 7100 @ 1.8ghz, 2MB cache, 2 gb RAM, windows 7 ultimate 32bit, in-built graphics.. any suggestion? or can't I expect more from this system configuration with KIS running? please through some light....
  2. hello. the issue seems to be solved now.. thank you dear buddies for your time... have a good time...
  3. hello. my KIS2013 blocks youtube videos. I checked with disabling certain components, and I really doubt the Web-AV. (but not sure) Had a Google search on this issue and I could read something on changing between Streaming scan, Buffering scan etc.. But I couldn't find that option on my KIS application. disabling anti-banner doesn't cause a change.. downloaded a fresh copy of KIS'13, and have had a clean install of KIS'13 (using KAV remover) but still no better.. even now, when I click on a video (video thumbnail on youtube, or google search results), KIS blocks that new page from opening up... if i disable KIS its fine.. and if I am not wrong this issue exists only with youtube.. because i could stream other videos.. please help me sort it out.. thank you.. GSI log : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...0731bbdcc72d7b6
  4. ok fine... could you please analyse the GSI log and put your remarks.please....?
  5. latest GSI log : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...41ff6710ce32fdb but there is a problem- the dump files are larger than the limit 300K..!!!! what to do..? (there are 6 dump files,size varying from 355KB to 407MB!!) (anyway i sent a request to the tech.team...) and the failure message appeared 2 more times after i opened this post..
  6. hello. I am using KIS2013. after the renewal I had to clean install my windows7, so had I clean installed KIS too... this is the second time i face this issue. while i'm on work suddenly a windows message comes to tell "Turn on any one of the firewall"... (picture1) at that time the KIS icon is grey. then i click the option to turn KIS firewall On.. then a KIS message opens up to tell about application failure... (picture2).. (also, after the issue occurred for the second time, I face internet connection problem when KIS is enabled..) please give some insights and recommendations on this.... anything seriously wrong? -- *GSI Log : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...5b02af68ce4e6a3 *2 Pictures attached.
  7. hello.. past 3-4 days, my system freezes often... suspecting a missed malware/virus I installed and scanned with malwarebytes... but it didn't find anything... I post the log.. Does anyone find any problem??? http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...373e37856abb4d4
  8. Thank you so much for your time sir...... and Yes I did... The first one resulted no improvement.. the system watcher-disabling worked, BUT I get a YELLOW warning! which I don't really want.... I wish if I can get a solution, with green lights and no warnings... (and, is System Watcher not so crucial..? Can it be kept Disabled without risking the over-all security..?)
  9. sorry to tell you that I still have the problem in this machine.. running 4190 (e)... so the latest E patch should be on work i suppose.... but still I have this issue of Slow log off/shutdown when KIS'13 is enabled.... :icon20: I wonder if a study on my Log can help identify the issue....!
  10. hello.. Now a days my PC takes 15-20 seconds to log off/shut down...!! It was quite a spontaneous thing before... now I found this problem occurs only when KIS13 is enabled.. if KIS is disabled everything normal... what may be the issue...? LOG: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...00b55e6724e6395 GetSystemInfo_DHANESH_PC_dhanesh_2012_12_22_15_16_07.zip
  11. hello. KIS2013 Network Traffic shows 275+ MB usage but dated Tomorrow!! (screenshots given) Also today is Oct.2.2012 Tuesday. I can see the traffic of Wednesday... But when I place the pointer on the traffic of Wednesday the "info box" shows "Period : Thursday"...!!!! Any Idea why this is so? normal? please help me... [My system date is correct (Oct.2.2012;see the image ).. I checked again on internet the date and confirmed it.. Have been facing no issues either with KIS or PC... No virus attack as far as I know.] please help/advise... thank you....
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