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  1. Seems that the link they provide with every version update links to the old version and I usually have to go searching for the current version. This is where I downloaded version 19 from on May 25th: https://support.kaspersky.com/kts19#downloads
  2. I was having the same issue. After chatting with Jose on Nest chat support, I was told that their latest Nest web app component update was causing some AVs to block the site. RobRud's solution worked for me.
  3. It was a false positive. It flagged an incomplete Chrome download that had been sent to the recycle bin then deleted from the bin as the trojan. I found the getinfo instructions a little confusing as to what needed to be uploaded. Thanks.
  4. I had Windows Defenders Periodic Scan turn on at one point. I checked it today and it just happened to be turned off for some unknown reason. I turned it back on and ran a scan. I was then notified that it detected trojan:Win32/Fuery.A!cl and quarantined it. I then had Defender remove it. I also have Kaspersky Total Security, and Malwarebytes 3.1.2 comp 1.0.139 update version 1.0.2088. I'm just curious as to why Kaspersky AND Malwarebytes DID NOT catch this trojan thing during scans or with real time protection. I will be posting this on Malwarebytes forum to see if they can answer as to why their product failed to see this also. Thanks!! GetSystemInfo in case it's needed. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...342ff92d812a3eb
  5. There is a subscription order page in My Kaspersky >> Licenses >> Remove Limitations (in the Secure Connection box). It shows a price $29.99 USD but does not state how long the subscription is for. See my screenshot. Does anybody know how long the subscription is for? I'm going to guess 1 year.
  6. All I had to do was to disable sync and my internet speed is back. Thanks Richbuff for your quick reply. Just wanted to point out that Threats and Exclusions is under settings > protection > threats and exclusions. You should also be more specific about "junkware". How would I know what is considered junkware?
  7. My internet has been painfully slow since updating to patch C. That's when I believe it started. The computer isn't slow, just the internet. Any suggestions? http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...dd899113b47e13d
  8. I've noticed that the mods around here don't like to answer PWM issues so let me try. Uninstall PURE 2 Install PURE 3 Open PWM -> Settings -> My Passwords Browse for Vault Path Make sure All Files are showing Select default.pws Open (This will create a default.spdb file) Then go to Passwords and Data and your passwords should be there.
  9. I'm having the same issue with PURE 3.0's PM. I've re-installed, twice, with the same results both times.
  10. After the above worked, PM stopped working. Restarting did nothing. I eventually decided to uninstall PURE 3 and re-install. PURE 3 was impossible to get off my computer. So then I decided I had to do a system restore after which I re-installed PURE 2.
  11. I updated to PURE 3.0. None of my passwords from PM migrated over nor can I figure out how to import them from a backup.? How do I import them? Thanks. Jim
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