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  1. Hi richbuff. Everything seems to be all good now, just wanted someone elses input other than my own, As to the junkware, the trouble is you cant protect people from themselves, I have told multiple family members to not download toolbars etc, :dash1: Or to not download software they do NOT need. Whether they listen or not though is another matter entirely lol. I have also told my cousin that once this trial on Kaspersky Total Security 2016 runs out to not go downloading free AV products and to just pay the yearly license fee for KTS2016 at least then the familly will have devent protection for the year. Cheers though for the help mark. :bf:
  2. Hi richbuff. Here is the Logs from the scans you requested. I havent touched anything other than perform the scans & Let AdwCleaner do its thing, Malwarebytes is detecting no threats. Cheers mark 28122016_MBAM_Scan.txt AdwCleaner_C1_.txt
  3. Hi Adam 1972. Yeah i know that only mods and kl staff can only help in the removal process, Cheers though, Although i dont think richbuff will be to pleased with my inability to type using this tablet lol looking at my previous post and the amount of space i used So going to say this now, sorry. Cheers mark
  4. Hi Adam 1972. I wont do anything, just wondered if there was any news on how to go about it, Its not the files and folders that i would have trouble removing, its the reg keys, they can be very finicky they can and they can wreck your system if the wrong ones are removed. Cheers Adam 1972.
  5. Have we any news on how best to proceed with this guys. Has the log shown anything up, as i dont want to go into registry and start deleting keys that the AdwCleaner.exe has detected and inadvertently end up doing something wrong. Cheers mark
  6. Hi richbuff. Yes you are right, i did type down the url as i was a bit para about letting the laptop go on my home network. I am using it now to get online, so i will come here and download adware cleaner. Cheers markh117 EDIT : Here is the AdwCleaner log richbuff. Cheers AdwCleaner_S1_.txt
  7. here is an edit to the gsi link http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...mp;key=hwdZuDHs it was saying that it was needing to be uploaded again Cheers mark
  8. Hi guy's, My cousin asked me to look at his daughters Advent laptop, which she uses for college work, as it was taking around 10 minutes to start up, I dont think that it had been cleaned either in a long time so i said i will take a look and see what i can do. There was a number of antivirus products on there allready. McAfee. AVG. Bullguard. Etc, Etc, Anyways i managed to speed up the Lpatop and remove most of the free AV products, I kept malwarebytes on and told him to try a trial of Kaspersky Total Security 2016. Kaspersky detected a number of objects along with Malwarebytes, the malware and objects seem to have been removed that was causing the most concern, However i am currently typing this from my acer iconia tablet as i am unwilling to let the laptop connect to my internet, I have the GSI Link below. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...6b1c3de968e3aO8 Any help on this would be appreciated. Cheers markh117
  9. Hi All I actually went through what a lot of people here are also saying with the password manager, i also tryed to use this in the patch "c" beta phase, before the proper release candidate was out for download from automatic update. I had the same problems with KPM with there being no password strength, and also to make matters worse not being able to see my passwords because of the stars ******** that had replaced them. Luckily for me i always write down any of my passwords in a little england book that i have, i write them in an encrypted format so that only I and only I know what the strange squiggles/shapes/characters represent. What i have noticed though is that if you create/add a new account then you can see the password by pressing the little eye symbol, as well as also seeing the password strength meter. Not really helpful if you need to see the old passwords that you currently have stored in the KPM Managers database. What i proceeded to do was to go check all of my passwords that i have in my book, "new as well" on the websites to make sure they are valid and correctly working, i then went to the password manager and one by one deleted and replaced the old accounts/passwords and replaced with the ones from my book, this seemed to work as i saw the password strength and eye symbol and i was able to save and go to edit and read the passwords again. Unfortunately for the unlucky whom have not written them down there is no way to be able to see your passwords untill this New Patch "D" update is here on the 29-10-2013. Lets just hope that this can fix the issues that a lot of people have been having, also i too have been a long time Kaspersky user as well, so yes some of you are right to want answers to the problems that you are saying, What i dont get is the fact that throught the beta stage i did try to update as often as i could on these EXACT same issues of not being able to see your passwords only st*********rs. Links to the forum in which i mention this are below if anybody is intrested in having a look/read Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Beta Forum In all honesty though all we can do for now is to wait untill the new patch "D" update is out, And the reasons for my basic ramblings are they were forwarned of this potential problem well before the patch "C" updates went live, so why realease in a state of flux... Either way still love Kaspersky, and Luckily for Kaspersky Labs i was able to sort out my passwords. Unlike the unlucky ones whom havent. I truly do feel for you guys having to wait it out and not updating. Personally it wouldnt hurt Kaspersky Labs to bang an extra month on the license expiry date for this as one user allready has stated, i doubt that will happen though... Cheers mark117 P.S. There is actually a way to backup your password database, i personally after having gone through all of this with the stars and what not, after redoing all my passwords i decided to save the passwords database out the my documents folder onto a 8GB secure fob that i have, its not a backup like in PURE 2.0 per se but it does work if you need to replace the corrupt/broken database from my documents, just copy the default.spdb password file to a fob or anywhere of your choosing, "DO NOT MOVE IT &-OR CUT IT" Copy & Paste... Bye All For Now edit: del link to beta testing topic.
  10. The only other way to get Kaspersky Products for free is to join up to the open Beta's when they do them for their different products. And also NEVER EVER download Kaspersky from torrent sites as there is every chance that you are not just downloading Kaspersky but some real NASTY VIRUS's, other than Beta's, then im afraid you will have to pay, Unless you do as Rodion Nagornov has suggested and download a trial version for a month. Hope this helps mark117
  11. Updated to v24.0 of Firefox and patch ""C"" for Kaspersky PURE 3.0

    Results : Pass Word Manager works quite fine in IE.10 However, does not seem to be working with the Firefox V.24.0

    Maybe get fixed in later update...

    Still LOVE Kaspersky PURE 3.0,

    No Bother...;-]

  12. Hi Skyeman69 Have you tried any of the setting's from within kaspersky PURE 3.0, You could try to UN-check certain boxes in the categories part of the settings, Or you could try to add the site in question etc. "Tesco's" to the exclusions list in the VK window. Hope this could be of some use to you and your wife, I have uploaded a screen-cap of this to show where you may need to add the exclusion. Cheers mark117
  13. Hi all just thought that i would try to see if PURE 3.0 would let it go, apparently the heuristic analyzer throws a warning about the link.. i did not also let it go just "in case" mark117
  14. Hi joschi4 & DanA2012 Just thought that i would mention that mozilla have the New 17.0.5 ESR Versions up on there ftp server, they are really useful to use if you want all of your plugins to work correctly, im still on the 17.0.4 Version at the minute, and i have not had one single problem with any of the Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Plugins, i will get round to updating as soon as i can when i find the time today link to the 17.0.5 ESR version is below Mozilla Firefox Releases 17.0.5 ESR might come in handy for you guys, i dont really know, all i do know is that they come in handy for me with no problems... Thank You mark117 P.S. Kaspersky Password Manager is working as of yet, using Mozilla Firefox 17.0.4 ESR Zero Problems...
  15. You are welcome to everybody, just trying to do my bit, where and when i can. Thank You mark117 :beer:
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