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  1. Same issue, been having this issue for weeks now and resorted to closing and opening chrome, constant resolver issues and i get the ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE constantly on Ebay, uninstalling kaspersky makes the issue go away, I am honestly getting sick of all the bugs in this product.
  2. Figured would resurect this as the same issue has no come back after installing the new Kaspersky internet security (a) last night , firefox is version 60.0.1 64bit it was woking fine under the old kaspersky 18 but i am now back to getting the same error detailed in this topic with the only work around is to manually set the trust certificate or disable master pasword in firefox or disable encrypted connections scanning
  3. I have found a perminant fix for this issue that worked for me, it envolves deleting the cert8.db and cert9.db files in firefox, to do this follow instructions below. 1: Close firefox 2: Press Windows Key + R and type in %appdata% then click ok. 3: When the roaming folder opens go to Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles 4: Double click your profile folder and locate cert8 and cert9 and delete them. 5: Start Firefox and it will now recreate these files and your problems should be gone. This worked for me so will be intresting to see if it works for others with the issue.
  4. Hi I just tried this, removed the master password and reopened firefox and it worked perfectly but as soon as i re-set a master password to protect saved login details the same issue came back.
  5. No offence but you are unlikely to get any support with that attitude, the simple fact is and I am willing to bet that 95% of people on windows 10 are using the 64 bit version and so your best bet for suport would have been to ask for support from everyone wiling rather than dismissing people on 64 bit.....
  6. As an update I found this kaspersky suport page about the issue and it seams to confurm what I thought in that its the certificate thats the issue https://support.kaspersky.com/general/error/13585 In it they show how to install the certificate and at the end they say wat I said a few posts back to make sure the 3 options are ticked then save, however forsomereason firefox does not perminantly save the trust setting
  7. I have the same also since the Firefox update to 58.0 64bits, there are 2 ways to fix this all be it temporairy fixes: 1: Encrypted connections scanning section check the Do not scan encrypted connections ( Not recomended long term as it lowers security ) but it does fix the issue. 2: Leave the Kaspersky settings alone and do not change the Encrypted connections scanning section, instead if you go to about:preferences#privacy in firefox then scroll down and click view certifcates then scroll down to 'Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate' then click it then click 'edit trust' and you will see 3 tick boxes, make sure all are ticked and then save. Now you will not experiance the issue for aslong as you have the browser open however the settings do not hold after you close the browser so you have to go back in and change it every time you open firefox. Number 2 leads me to beleve that it is an issue with the Kaspersky Certificate
  8. Recently just checked into the forum and I see there is a new 2015 version of KIS out however when I go to the UK downloads I still only see KIS 2014 but when I go to the US downloads I see KIS 2015. So question is if i was to download the US version of 2015 would it work with my current licence that is still active or would I have to use the UK version if so any idea when the UK 2015 KIS version will be out?
  9. So after a long time I returned to kaspersky and all was well was still sad to see that kasperky still have problems with firefox updates disabeling plugins/extentsions this how ever is not the problem as I use google chrome for banking and secure logins partly because plugins and extensions always worked without fail even after an upgrade however today i got the google popup saying some of the extentions had been disabled because they were installed with out myknowledge which is a lie as i installed kaspersky and knowingly installed them. Anyway so i go to the extention tab to try and reinable them but they have been locked out for the real reason they were disabled basicaly it says they have been disabled because " This extension is not listed in the Chrome Web Store ". When i click the learn more i get a page that says this: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Extensions disabled by Chrome You're seeing this notification because one or more of your Chrome extensions have been turned off to make Chrome safer. The extensions didn't come from the Chrome Web Store or were installed without your permission. For your protection, you can only use Chrome extensions that you get from the Chrome Web Store. To see a list of your extensions: Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. Select Tools. Select Extensions. Extensions that have been disabled are greyed out and you won't be able to re-enable them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There logic or lack of it is amusing and anoying how can forcefully disabeling security extentions I installed make my chrome safer? Anyway the quiestion i have is what is kaspersky doing to fix this and when do they plan to have a work around / fix for this?
  10. Avg free while is an ok program and has a detection rate of (88%) simular to Kaspersky at (90%) however that is where the quality similarity ends. Avg free has less than a quarter of the necessary security features that the payed for version of Avg has and even less when compared to Kaspersky with one of the main feature a firewall completely missing from Avg free and sure some people say you don't need one as windows has one but the reality of it is wrapping your modem in a paper bag would offer greater protection than the windows firewall others say use Zone alarm but this is only updated once a year if you are lucky and on top of that none of AVGs products have self defence to protect them self and as a result they can be shut down quite easily remotely or even uninstalled compleately with out you even knowing where as kaspersky has self defense you can even set a password to prevent it being shut down or uninstalled. Way to think of it is if you were in a war zone would you go for a free baking tray that offers a small amount of armor protection or would you pay for proper full body armor that offers better protection? As with all things you get what you pay for. If you think that it costs to much then be smart and don't buy it direct from the website go and visit your local PC store as they often have deals on it that make it way cheaper or you could go on ~~~~ and again buy a proper retail boxed version on there and it would be even cheaper and i just checked and there 2013 3pc versions as cheap as £25 if that's still to much you can buy the 2012 3pc version for as little as £12 and then use the 2012 code for your 2013 version. At the end of the day kaspersky will still have got there slice of the money. edit: del not so great advice.
  11. Not true bentham. The url adviser has been working perfectly fine with .co.uk version of google for along time in chrome and IE ( firefox compatibility aside ) it has only been with in the last 4 to 7 days that it has stopped working correctly ether failing to load or only displaying partial results as seen the OP
  12. If you post your system information (GSI Report) then we could tell you if your pc will run the newer versions like 2012 or 2013. The GSI tool can be found here http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=915 This bit of software will tell us what hardware you are running it will also tell us what software / windows version and if there is any conflicting / problem software installed.
  13. Tryed joining the Kaspersky Security Network but no change. Further checking tells me that taskhost should be unsigned but its never been moved to low restricted before
  14. If by locked out do you mean you cant enter in a password and or the password you entered is rejected even tho it was the correct password? If this is the case then the chances are high that you are having the same problem many are having with the virtual keyboard Extension in kaspersky 2013 a bit of software that is designed to make inputting passwords more secure. It used to work perfectly but then about a month or so ago they did some update that effectively broke it and as yet have not fixed it. The only way around it for the moment is to disable the virtual keyboard Browser extension till they fix it its what I and many others have had to do you could try this also to see if this resolves your problem. As for how to disable it that really depends on what internet browser you are using be it Internet explorer / Chrome / Firefox or some other kind
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